I Never Wanted to be a Ball of Dough Until I Found Cedrik Lorenzen's TikTok

I Never Wanted to be a Ball of Dough Until I Found Cedrik Lorenzen's TikTok


If you’ve spent any amount of time on FoodTok, then you know there are plenty of creators out there that’ll make your mouth water…but Cedrik Lorenzen is looking to do more than whet your appetite, if ya know what I mean. The 29-year-old TikTok personality and food guru has been heatin’ up TikTok’s FYP since January 2020, and in that time, he’s gained an impressive 2.8 million followers, as well as a reputation not just for making food, but for making food hot. Like, too hot to handle even if ya blow it—er, I mean, blow on it.

In addition to utilizing not-so-subtle captions for his vids (like, “When you tell me how wet you are,” or, “You don’t come ’til I say you can,” or, “I want you in my mouth”), Cedrik fully leans into the soothing, voyeuristic pleasure of FoodTok videos by preparing his food as lasciviously as possible. We’re talking tender dough kneading, indulgent finger sucking, and a whole lot of slo-mo drip action—oh, and the fact that he’s often shirtless doesn’t hurt, either. Let’s take a peek at his most popular TikTok to date, which has amassed a super casual 37 million views, nbd:

What you can’t see makes you want more #foodporn #saucybuns #eggsbenedict #naughtysalmon #fyp #netflixandeats

Anyone else feel weirdly okay with allowing this man to spit on their eggs Benedict? Also, can we talk about the fact that he plopped salmon, poached eggs, asparagus, and hollandaise on a glazed donut and made it look not only acceptable, but v appetizing? Cedrik knows exactly how to titillate his audience, but he’s not just here to make people very, very ~thirsty~ (and also pretty hungry, tbd). He also uses his platform to celebrate sexual desire—particularly women’s sexual desires—and stress the importance of emotional vulnerability, both in the kitchen and outside of it.


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Yeah, sensuously slurping batter off a spatula is hot, but sticking it to the patriarchy? Even hotter. We sat down with TikTok’s resident sexy food guy for a lil Q&A action—here’s everything you need to know.

I noticed you’re in a European timezone. Where are you living right now?

I’m currently located in Switzerland. I grew up in Switzerland and sort of spent my earliest childhood here, and then my family moved and migrated to Australia and I became an Australian citizen. Now I’m back in Switzerland.

Very cool. I know you’re self taught, but what first piqued your interest in food?

I mean, we all have different passions, and growing up, I always enjoyed cooking. I love working with different ingredients and watching cooking shows—that kind of thing. I was always fascinated at how they could come up with these sort of different creative combinations and whether they would actually work in terms of flavor.

And no one in your family has a culinary background?

Correct. My parents are both academics—my parents both have PhDs so what I’m doing is sort of polar opposite. It’s more business-oriented and artistic.

I saw on your Instagram that you just got your degree in Hospitality Business Management—congratulations, by the way, that’s huge. What made you decide to pursue that?

It’s always been a goal of mine to eventually have my own leading hospitality businesses. So we’re talking restaurants, bars, and clubs that have unique service and food offerings, and so I hope to become a leader in that industry.

So right now, are you filming videos full time?

Yes. This is sort of the struggle of entrepreneurship—you need to prioritize. I mean, obviously, I love cooking and making content. And I’m in the process of monetizing everything, but at the same time, it’s a bit of a struggle. You always have opportunities, but you also always have the opportunity to get turned down. Or you run out of funds. But it’s part of the game and I kind of enjoy it.

You joined TikTok in 2020. Were you inspired to start creating content during the pandemic, or did this idea come to you before COVID even hit?

Before COVID hit. Ironically enough, when I started my studies four years ago, I didn’t have a smartphone. I had a Nokia phone and I was happy just giving people a call or a text. Literally no Instagram, no TikTok, no Facebook. But then when school started, I realized a lot of the stuff is done through email, so I got myself a smartphone. And in the process, I said, “Okay, I got myself a smartphone. What can I do with it?” So I downloaded Instagram and later TikTok to start cooking and practicing ideas with the goal of eventually opening up my own businesses.

All right, the inevitable next question: What made you decide to make food so sexy? Where did that idea come from?

[Laughs.] Um, I mean, I guess we all have our different love language. My love language is food. You know, I’ve always loved food. I think it’s such a cool thing to prepare food for your significant other compared to, I don’t know, watching a movie or going to the movies. If you have someone special, and you make them a really nice dinner or cook together—I think that is really nice. And I think that idea is conveyed through my videos. I’m creating this persona of someone who makes really, really nice dishes for someone special.

What do you consider your sexiest recipe? If you were trying to impress someone on a date, what is the recipe you bring?

I think anything with chocolate is an all-time winner.

What is it about chocolate that you find so sexy?

Just the way it behaves. It’s super silky. You can change and mold it in various shapes. And it is very delicious. I mean, of course, I’m privileged to be in Switzerland, where we’re known for having excellent chocolate. But it’s just a very nice thing to work with.

Do you try all the desserts you make?

A lot of people ask this question, and they’re like, “How can you look so fit and make all these desserts?” The thing is, I never eat everything—there’s no way I could eat all of the desserts I’m making. But I will always try them to see if I have achieved the concept that I was aiming for. And I usually just do two content pieces—two desserts, in most cases—per week.


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I know that fitness is also big part of your lifestyle. How do you balance making these very decadent meals and desserts with a very fit lifestyle?

It’s all about being consistent with training and eating healthy.

And does anyone else get to share in the spoils of your creations?

Yes. Neighbors, and roommates occasionally. And of course, family members always get lucky.

Are you seeing anyone special who’s getting a share of these desserts?

That, unfortunately, I won’t disclose. I think it’s better left as a mystery.

Do you have a team who helps you create these videos? Or do you do this all on your own?

I do everything on my own. I can’t discuss exactly how I do it—that’s sort of a trade secret. Eventually, as my platforms mature a little bit more, then I’ll disclose more about how I film and what my setup is. But what I can tell you is that everything is budget. It’s really using what you have on hand. I mean, I have no special equipment. Any person who watches my stuff could also do this at home.

I know you want to eventually monetize your platform and turn this into a business. What are you hoping to see happen for you in the next year?

I want to keep creating more interesting content and also give back to the community. I talk a lot about gender issues, and that is really important to me. Down the road, I hope to find a way contribute to that issue rather than just speaking about it. And then the other thing I hope to achieve is to start visualizing what my business is going to look like and where its flagship is going to be. Interestingly enough, I was actually thinking of moving to the States, because a lot of my followers are from the States. And the market there is a little bit more open to the sort of content that I produce.

How has your family felt about watching you blow up like this and become the internet’s favorite sexy food guy?

They absolutely love it. I mean, my family is very supportive. So I’m very grateful for that. Everybody has supported me, and everybody’s been loving the journey, and it’s super cool. You know, when I started, I never said to myself, “I want this many followers.” That was never the goal. The goal was always to practice my craft and enjoy the process and create cool content that makes people feel inspired and happy.

What is something you wish your followers knew about you?

A lot of people have asked me, “How do you manage to make such beautiful desserts? How do you get to that stage?” And it’s really all about being persistent and consistent. If you really love something, and you enjoy doing it, then stick to it and understand that the results don’t happen overnight. It’s when you put in the work and you’re consistent with it that eventually you start to see progress and results. So whatever you love, be persistent, be consistent, and work through it.

This interview has been lightly edited and condensed for clarity.

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