'I married my high school bully – he's not who he was when he was a teen'

'I married my high school bully – he's not who he was when he was a teen'


The saying goes that we find love in unlikely places, and that’s certainly true for newlyweds Lauren Enslow and Lucas Olsen.

The pair went to school together – but Lucas, 21, bullied Lauren, 20, for months, comparing her to a cartoon character.

Lauren admits that she ‘hated’ her now-husband, but five years on, and Lucas is a changed man.

Lauren, from Utah, USA, explained: ‘It’s funny that I can call him my high school bully, and my high school sweetheart.

‘People say they would never have forgiven him, but I can’t base his personality off who he was when he was 16.’

The couple actually met at a party in 2016, and began messaging over Snapchat. Sparks flew between the pair – but the messaging never grew into anything more.

Then, in September 2017, Lauren started high school, and that’s when the teasing began.

Lucas and his friends would mock Lauren, calling her ‘Linda’, after the eccentric cartoon character in Bob’s Burgers.

Lauren, a content creator, said: ‘Lucas and his friends started to tease me.

‘They would only call me Linda. I didn’t like being compared to her at all. I hated him then.

‘They thought it was so funny, and Lucas would film me and put it on his Snapchat without me knowing.

‘I wanted nothing to do with him.’

Explaining his behaviour, Lucas said: ‘Looking back now, I just think it was silly.

‘When you are that young, you think things like that are funny.

‘I never actually thought she looked like that cartoon character. My friends and I were coming up with characters to compare Lauren and all her friends to, as a joke, that ended up going a little too far.

‘I teased her because I liked her and because my friends were doing it – it was down to peer pressure, in a way.’

But after Lucas witness Lauren get into a car accident in November 2017, the bullying stopped.

Lauren was with her mum, Jessica Enslow, 48, and sister, Alyssa Kimber, 28, when their car shunted into another vehicle.

‘We were in a parking lot and saw Lucas,’ Lauren said. ‘My sister thought it was funny to roll down the window and call out his name. Seconds later we were in a car crash.

‘No one was seriously injured by the cars were messed up.’

Lauren shared a picture of the banged up car on her Snapchat and was surprised when Lucas reached out.

‘He asked if I was OK,’ she said. ‘It showed he cared. It helped me like him again.’

After the accident, Lucas stopped his teasing, and the pair became friendly after Lauren’s pal convinced them to go on a double date.

‘We started hanging out and having lots of fun,’ Lauren said. ‘I started to develop feelings for him and he apologised for teasing me.’

The pair started officially dating in February 2018 and Lucas proposed in July 2022, after four years as a couple.

‘He took me a top of a mountain to see watch some fireworks,’ Lauren said. ‘Then he got down on one knee and pulled out a ring. I had been a bit suspicious but still very shocked when it actually happened.’

The couple tied the knot in October 2022 – the same date they met six years prior. They eloped with just their immediate family present at the ceremony.

‘People say they could never marry their high school bully, but for me it was mostly teasing, and I got past it,’ said Lauren.

Lucas said: ‘There was always feelings for her. I’m a strong believer of everything happens for a reason and I love that it finally happened.

‘Marrying your high school sweetheart is the most beautiful thing I could ever dream for.

‘Lauren is awesome and I couldn’t ask for a better person to experience the rest of my life with. I want a family with Lauren, I’m excited to build a house and watch the rest of our dreams come true.’

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