I found my fiancé naked with his married co-worker on our wedding day

I found my fiancé naked with his married co-worker on our wedding day


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This woman told the story of how she found her fiancé naked with his married co-worker on what should have been their wedding day. She described the horrifying experience on the account @four.nine where the real life story has had almost 85K views.

Social media user Kristen told TikTok users: “We started dating in 2014 and we were supposed to get married on September 30, 2017. In the days leading up to the wedding, it was five days before, something was just not right with this one girl that he worked with, and I asked him about it.

“He’s like, ‘You’re crazy. There’s nothing going on. You don’t trust me enough to get married. We need to postpone.'”

Kristen was devasted by her partner’s suggestion they needed to hold off on getting married due to trust issues. She said: “My whole life is falling apart or that’s how I felt at that time. We had met with our marriage counsellors. They were like, ‘Kirsten, there’s nothing going on.’ And he says, ‘There’s nothing going on.'”

The couple called off the wedding due to her former-fiancés trust concerns. But this set of circumstances had the poor woman grappling with her own sense of reality, something known as gaslighting. Kristen said: “I’m like very anxiety-ridden because I’m thinking okay, either he’s cheating on me or I’ve completely lost touch with reality.

“We made the decision that we would remain together and work on building trust. He told me that like it was my fault that we weren’t going to get married and it was just because I didn’t trust him enough.”

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Unfortunately, this is not where the story ends for this young woman. Kristen went on: “Fast forward. It’s September 30, our wedding day, and I unlocked the door to the house that I had bought for us.”

The man, who had insisted the pair postpone their wedding, put none of his own money into the house and Kristen put down the entire down payment.

Kristen went on: “I unlocked the door to this house and walked inside and he is butt naked. He’s like, ‘why are you here?’ And I look down and I see some girl’s boots or women’s boots. I hear the master bedroom door close and I go in there and I find her. She’s put his clothes on that were in the closet.”

The co-worker told Kristen she was in love with the man Kristen was supposed to be marrying that very day. She revealed the affair had been going on for months.

“He’s like telling me that I don’t trust him enough,” Kristen said. “I had been heavily manipulated and told that I was losing my mind.”

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This would be enough to prompt any split but, unfortunately, Kristen had another problem. Despite her partner putting no money towards the house, she had put the property in both their names.

Kristen took action, ahead of a bitter legal battle. She said: “I sold my ring and used it to retain my attorney.”

The attorney came in handy because Kristen’s ex tried to retain the house, despite the fact he hadn’t put any money towards it.

Kristen said: “Up until the bitter end he was trying to steal it off me. He moved a different female coworker into the house of a few weeks later, she had moved herself her dog, and her mum in, and then they were trying to demand that I pay the bills.”

Thankfully, eventually, Kristen reclaimed her home and was able to move on with her life. She said: “333 days later, I was free.”

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