I am one of three mistresses my married boss has on the go — I feel humiliated – The Sun

I am one of three mistresses my married boss has on the go — I feel humiliated – The Sun


DEAR DEIDRE: I HAD been having a passionate affair with my boss for three months when his driver told me he had two other ­mistresses on the go.

I’m 30 and single after a painful break-up. I work in retail and I was posted to Dubai for three months to help set up a new in-store department. I was glad of a fresh start.

My charming and charismatic boss is 48. When I introduced myself, he said, “Don’t worry. I know exactly who you are”.

He invited me for lunch one day and made me feel good. I was wondering how he had known me out of about 80 employees.

I started staying late just so that I could walk by his desk and we would often chat. One evening he caught up with me again and asked me out for dinner.

I thought it was for business but we talked about personal stuff. He said he was unhappy because he and his wife lived under the same roof but there was no relationship.

He said it had been a sexless marriage for years. I asked if he had a girlfriend but he said, “No, I don’t play around”.

We went out again the following weekend and when we got back to my apartment, he came in and he kissed me.

I felt safe in his arms and when he asked if he could have sex with me, I didn’t refuse.

I was wary after the painful end of my last relationship but he was patient and tender and I knew I had fallen for him.

We started seeing each other while his driver would wait outside. One day, when we were waiting for him, his driver said that my boss would never make our relationship public.

Three months into seeing him his driver revealed I was one of three women in his life as well as his long-suffering wife who knows she has married a cheat.

I’m devastated. I feel so humiliated. I’d never want to break up a marriage, but I thought I meant something to him.


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DEIDRE SAYS: Sadly this guy is a real player. You always knew he was married and it is nearly always a mistake to start having sex with someone committed elsewhere, whatever they may claim about the state of their relationship.

If your boss asks you out again, say that your relationship is going to be strictly professional from now on.

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