How pets are staying cool in the heatwave

How pets are staying cool in the heatwave


Hot dogs and cool cats! Pet owners reveal how their furry friends are beating the heatwave with cooling sprays, dog ice cream and even hopping in the fridge

  • Social media is packed with snaps of hot pets trying anything to keep cool
  • Among them is a Dorkie puppy enjoying being sprayed with cold mist 
  • Baby ducks too small for a pond are also treated to a splash in a paddling pool
  • How is your pet keeping cool? Email [email protected]  

The heat may be getting to us humans – but what about our four-legged friends? 

These photos from social media show the different ways pets are trying to cool off in the heatwave.

They include ducks splashing about in a paddling pool, a tortoise enjoying a sprinkler and a cat hiding in a fridge. Others enjoy being sprayed with mist or snacking on dog ice cream. 

With temperatures set to hit 41C, the RPSCA has urged pet owners to take precautions to keep their animals cool, with damp towels and mats for them to lie on and frozen treats and plenty of water available. 

Dogs should only be walked for a short time during cooler periods of the day because hot concrete can burn their paws. 

Here, FEMAIL reveals how pet owners across the UK are helping their furry friends beat the heat. 

Toffee, a nine-month-old Dorkie puppy from Wood Green, London, loves being spritzed with cold water from the plant mister – although he does try to nibble the spray

Chill cabinet! Typically pets might head to the fridge for food, but this clever feline Sooty, from Powys has other ideas

This two-year-old cockapoo called Rusty from Nottingham is enjoying a puppachino from Starbucks – essentially a small cup of cool whipped cream

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Quackers? These guys are just eight weeks old and not quite ready for the big pond…

Fant-tastic idea! Siberian tabby Evie likes to stay close to the fan and feel the wind in her fur in Milton Keynes

Lola, a three-year-old maltipoo, is an Instagram hit. Mum Leah McKnight, of Oxforshire, said, ‘Lola loves dressing up and this was the perfect outfit for a sunny day.’

Slowly does it: This three-year-old leopard tortoise called Jambo, of Bristol, is enjoying his lettuce and strawberry under a sprinkler

Just chilling! Koko the cokcerpoo took advantage of a huge paddling pool for a dogg paddle 

Even dogs love an ice cream! Lady, a French Bulldog, was delighted to get an evening snack from the ice cream van 

Goblin the ShihTzu is enjoying hanging out in the shower to stay cool 

Not getting out! This Golden Retriever had the right idea after finding a cool spot in Bourton-on-the-Water

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