Hot date tonight? You've got just 25 minutes to make a good impression

Hot date tonight? You've got just 25 minutes to make a good impression


You’ve spent a week chatting on the app, and now it’s time for the date.

When you first show up, the initial feeling is relief. Your date looks like their pictures, and even better, they can hold a conversation.

But are you actually having fun? Well, that takes a little longer to work out – but not much.

In fact, new research has revealed that it takes singles just 25 minutes to determine whether they’re enjoying themselves on a date.

That’s right, you’ve got less than half an hour to impress – after that, it’s game over.

And 51 minutes is the time when most daters say they’ll fake a call from a desperate friend so they can get out of there, and go home.

After all, with dating getting ever more expensive, there’s no need to waste time – and money – on a bad date.

The survey conducted by roadside assistance provider, Britannia Rescue, found that the top reasons for dubbing someone a bad date include rudeness (48%), a companion constantly checking their phone (37%), and an awkward atmosphere (36%).

A fifth said they’d actually left halfway through a date, while 58% have sat through the date, citing a need to be polite (72%), thinking it might get better (37%) and feeling uncomfortable saying anything (36%) as their reasons for doing so.

Top excuses to get out of a bad date:


And when it comes to cancelling a date before it’s even begun, most daters say they’ll typically cancel 19 hours beforehand.

The top excuses include an emergency at work, unwell relatives, and a broken-down car.

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