Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for Sunday, June 19

Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for Sunday, June 19


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You seem to have more energy, more staying-power and more determination than ever. This should be all the more pleasing when you are focused on working hard towards your goals. Some recent interest in a sporting or light exercise pursuit has now become a regular habit and you are starting to feel the benefit.


Be discreet if you have been chosen to pass on news to someone who won’t be pleased to hear what you have to say. This evening you will feel completely in tune with the feelings of your family and housemates. You can sense what others are about to say before they say it.


It’s worth getting to know a new neighbour better. This could mature into a good friendship. Plans you discuss will include a few sociable evenings out that you will be looking forward to. You would rather be out and about than remain on your own home turf.


You won’t want to give a lot of thought to money and the practical concerns in life. This just makes your head hurt but you know too that it isn’t a very common sense attitude to take when you really must get some affairs in better order.


Peace and privacy is all you want right now but you may feel obliged to somehow fit in time for your friends, family and neighbours. A community exercise will cause you some annoyance when the suggestions of someone in charge will be as much use as a chocolate fireguard.


The emphasis is on change and progress if you are in a committed relationship. Are you single? Joining a reading group, creative course or writing class could lead to romance. It will be through activities involving new people that one of Cupid’s darts will strike.


Ideas to improve your home will be implemented if you can afford this. Whether it is a new washing machine, new car, redecoration or even landscaping the garden, there is not a member of your household who will complain about the way money is being spent in this area.


You can’t get your house in order if you live with someone who is messy and disorganised. Think about guiding them into following a more tidy routine. Any effort made to keep the domestic front running smoothly and efficiently will be well worth it.


You’re ready for a change. New interests and options loom on the horizon. You almost want to jump at some opportunities but it will make more sense to give these some careful thought. You need to weigh up whether or not you should go ahead with some ideas.


A chance to make money from working at home needs to be considered further before you go ahead with the idea. If you decide it is something you want to do, housemates will lend their support to your plans. Something a partner or good friend has to say will impress you.


A relative or neighbours curt and quiet comments and moody behaviour will test your patience. You’re tempted to make plans that do not include someone whose company is starting to annoy you. You need to consider the practical elements of new arrangements. Be sensible as you make your choices.


A new hobby or creative venture will grab your interest. You want to give ideas that come into your mind more attention before other things start to distract you. A friend will have some interesting suggestions but these could divert your thinking to other areas.

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