Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for Sunday, June 12

Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for Sunday, June 12


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You might be in the mood to kick back and have some fun but your boss or someone in charge will have a very different idea about what you should be doing. If you don’t want to end up without a job, at least for now, it would be best to do as you are told.


A social event will be a lot more fun than expected and better still, it won’t cost a lot. You’re very aware of the need to cut down on your expenditures. If there is a lack of adequate income or your outgoings are changing, the answer is to look for ways to economise.


You have multiple options ahead. The world is your oyster. A study or training course or some deep inner work you have been doing is now paying off. You have a renewed sense of harmony and balance as it’s all starting to come together for you now.


There are still so many things you intend to do that haven’t yet been done. You’re worried you will run out of time and all this is doing is causing you to panic. You will get through all you have to do, providing you remain calm. Snap decisions and impulsive moves will be cause for regret.


Your thoughts are becoming more emotionally charged as you consider a number of situations in your life and you will need some time alone to process them. It might seem as if your feelings are being pulled in all directions when family, friends and workmates all appear to need you for one reason or another.


You know someone isn’t going to be happy with what you have to say. Is this the right time to say it? If there is tension between you already, this will only make matters worse. It’s hard to keep your thoughts to yourself, but this will be the most practical strategy for now.


Everyone around you seems to want to move faster, and some expect you to keep up to them. You just want to go back to bed. With you feeling so tired it is possible you are moving slower and this is what makes everyone else appear impatient. All you want to do is rest, relax and recover your energy.


You’re looking back into the past at events you cannot change. What you should be doing now is turning around in order to start observing what is ahead of you. The past is over and a chapter of your life is coming to an end. The future is where you should now be aiming your attention.


Before trying to navigate your way through an intense situation, you may have to give this matter some serious thought. You aren’t being fickle if you find yourself changing your mind several times. You’re just trying to work out a solution that will be best for everyone concerned.


Nurturing yourself should be a priority. A car can’t run on empty. If you’re feeling exhausted, put that list of chores aside and take a nap. Instead of meeting up with friends, luxuriate in a scented bath. Try new approaches to your wellbeing. Reconnect with your passions.


People are in too much of a rush to reach a goal. You just want to enjoy the journey. This is impossible if you continue trying to keep up with those who don’t seem to understand how to relish the experience. You may have to slow down to get more meaning out of each day.


Err on the side of caution in conversations and keep your thoughts to yourself. Once you reveal what you are thinking to someone, the window to your soul will be thrown open. All your emotions could start pouring out and for this reason, you really need to be able to trust the person you are talking to.

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