Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for February 7

Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for February 7


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Be careful about who you trust. Someone will say that they are telling you everything but there are secrets beneath the surface. You’re doing your best to remain organised but distractions from every imaginable source will disturb your carefully arranged agenda.


Extra costs are so high you are left with nothing at the end of each week. It won’t be easy to make firm arrangements for the future when you are uncertain about the expense. People in high places are failing to engage in negotiations when workmates appeal for a pay review.


A number of people will be pulling together with the same intention and some remarkable results will be achieved. A collective effort will be worth celebrating. Friendships are important to you now and in romance, a special treat is in store.


With you feeling so relaxed and fun-loving, friends will find you interesting to be with. Your high spirits will also attract new people your way. Change is on the cards. You want everything to go smoothly and this will keep you on your toes.


Don’t be surprised that more people are starting to take an interest in what you are doing. You are working towards a special goal and this is bringing you the respect and rewards you deserve. New developments will make you hopeful for the future. There is a pleasing sense of togetherness in joint activities.


You may not be in the mood for it but you will be expected to get involved in some social or family arrangements. Sometimes you wish people would leave you alone. Even those who think they are advising you with the best intentions don’t seem to understand what you really need.


You will feel happier if you have no set plans for the day. This, then, would be your opportunity to clear up any outstanding business and get up to date with a work or study assignment. When you look back on all you manage to fit in to the day you will feel you have made good use of your time.


Your feelings for someone are deep and true. You don’t have to explain this to them as they already know. Friendship, romance and travel will all link well together. Even if you’re just discussing travel possibilities for the future, the anticipation will keep you inspired.


A friend who is often stuck in their ways will suddenly announce they are moving away or they have a new job. This declaration will take you completely by surprise. You had thought you knew someone well but it seems they have been keeping some of their plans a secret.


Someone close is leaning on you and they are hoping you will help see them through a tough time. You will do all you can for them as you always do but you are also starting to realise there are areas in your life where you need help too. Is there anyone there for you?


Be quick to respond to an opportunity when it comes your way. You will instantly sense this could be something that’s very good for you. Shared finances and partnerships come into sharp focus. You need to agree on an important matter and you need to do this soon.


If you plan it so you can remain focused on one goal you are more likely to get results. Don’t be tempted to set your sights too high. Be happy with several minor gains and celebrate each small achievement before going on to the next.

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