Home Bargains is selling Christmas-themed gin glasses to get you in the festive spirit

Home Bargains is selling Christmas-themed gin glasses to get you in the festive spirit


HOME Bargains is selling Christmas-themed gin glasses so you can get in the festive spirit more than three months before the big day.

Perfect for gin fans, the balloon glasses will make you jingle all the way until Christmas.

The hand-painted glasses feature the text "Gin-gle all the way" and festive fairy lights.

They're up for grabs at Home Bargains for £2.49, but they're not listed online so you'll need to pop by a store.

A shopper in the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group on Facebook spotted the glasses in Home Bargain's Lowestoft store near Norwich, she told The Sun.

Her post has been loved by gin lovers and has so far racked up more than 3,200 comments and 2,800 likes.

One user said: "I feel like you and your mum friends need these for Christmas."

While another added: "We need to go get some of these," and a third one added: "Oh mate!!! These are life?!"

Home Bargains told us they're available in its 200 extra large stores across the country out of a total of over 500 branches.

If you're not sure whether you're nearest one is one of its larger stores, it's best to give them a ring to double-check before you make the trip.

Or you can simply pop by to see if it has any stock. You can find your nearest one including contact details using its store locator tool.

Home Bargains is offering the cheapest price we could find, but if you don't live near one then you can get smaller Christmas-themed gin glasses for a pricier £5.99 on Etsy.

While Not On the High Street is selling personalised balloon gin glasses for the festive season for a hefty £22.

If you're not prepared to pay that much, Festive Home Gifts is selling various winter-themed gin glasses for £8.92.

If you're after something new to put in the glass, Home Bargains has just rolled out a blood orange flavoured gin liqueur that shimmers when you shake it.

In April, the retailer also rolled out pink unicorn and parma violet gins for £8 a bottle.

Plus, here's how to make the perfect gin and tonic.

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