Hilarious selfies prove why you should double check before posting

Hilarious selfies prove why you should double check before posting


Take a look at yourself! People share selfies with unexpected backgrounds that shouldn’t have made it on social media – including a woman who snapped herself on the toilet

  • Hilarious pictures show people who unwittingly took embarrassing selfies 
  • One young woman accidentally revealed she was on the toilet during the picture 
  • Another took a picture of herself as her sister gave birth in a hospital bed  

While some social media users spend hours editing their latest posts, these people didn’t think twice before hitting send.   

A hilarious online gallery collated by DailyFunny has revealed people from across the globe who were caught out when they accidentally captured more than they intended in their social media snaps.

One unfortunate woman unwittingly took a picture of herself on the toilet, while another internet user was photobombed by her dog while trying to take a snap of her outfit. 

Some got unlucky when the mirror behind them revealed the truth when they tried to stage photos, while other pictures were quickly ruined by unruly pets. 

Here, FEMAIL rounds up some of the most cringe-worthy examples of why it’s always worth double-checking before posting. 

Two’s a crowd! This unlucky woman was caught out by the mirror behind her while trying to stage a photo that appeared to be taken by somebody else 

Bare cheek! This woman tried to take a glamorous selfie but the mirror behind her revealed she was using the toilet 

Barking mad! This social media user tried to take a picture in the mirror but was interrupted by her pet dog trying to get inside 

Clean it up! This social media users very glamorous selfie was spoiled by the state of her bedroom

Mirror mirror on the wall! This woman tried to make it seem like her photo had been taken against her will – but was exposed by the mirror behind her 

Picture of health! One brave user decided to take a selfie while her sister was in labour – there goes that potential godparent status

A right dog’s dinner! This woman’s nice selfie was spoiled by her two dogs deciding to lick her face at the same time 

Too close for comfort! This social media user thought she had taken the perfect selfie – but soon noticed the mirror in the corner 

Two for one! This social media user got more than he bargained for when he tried to take a picture of himself and his girlfriend on a walk

He’s behind you! This woman’s very blurry selfie featured a mother and her son in the background 

Cat-astrophe! This man was caught out by his cat, who decided to drink from the toilet as he was taking his photo

A right horse’s ass! This unfortunate social media user didn’t notice the animal behind him as he took his selfie 

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