Heartwarming photos show animals acting like humans

Heartwarming photos show animals acting like humans


Heartwarming photos show animals acting like humans – from kittens watching TV to a dog who wants to play chess

  • Bored Panda created a gallery of animals who seem to think they are humans
  • Among the images, from around the world, is a hamster wearing a cute hat
  • Another photo shows a dog kicking back on an armchair, just like a person

Some people say they know animals who seem just like humans – and these snaps certainly prove them right!

The hilarious photographs, of animals from around the world, were collated into a gallery by Bored Panda.

Among them is a pooch who seems desperate to play a game of chess, and is waiting patiently among the pieces on a giant board.

Another picture shows an adorable pair of kittens snuggled up in bed as they watch television. 

Here FEMAIL shares the funniest photos of animals who thought they were people… 

Netflix and cat chill! A cosy evening in: these two kittens look absolutely adorable tucked into their cosy bed, as they watch something on the screen 

Wanna play? This pooch from the US seems keen to get in on some human action, and enjoy a game of chess 

Coo do you think you are? Apparently this pigeon in Atlanta is tired of being a bird – and he seems ready to take action, taking a phone number from this poster

Fill your cheeks! A British owner shared a sweet picture of her hamster Biscuit enjoying a birthday party, complete with broccoli florets and a party hat 

Having a slice! This cat seems to prefer the people’s food to his own, trying to sneak a slice of pizza, instead of opting for kibble

This pooch is living his best life, sitting in the human’s chair while relaxing, and taking a load of at the end of a long day

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Too cool: whether it’s to protect his eyes from the glare of the sun, or to stay incognito, this dog is rocking shades, just like a human

Ok, so this pooch doesn’t think he’s a human, but he certainly seems to think he’s a moggie, trying to squeeze through the cat flap (which is far too small for him)

Being human, and having all the access to technology that comes along with it, isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, as this kitten learnt while trying to mess with some cables 

Surf’s pup! Just like most people, this mutt seems to be enjoying his trip to the beach in Brazil, even taking a refreshing dip in the sea to cool off

This mog has nailed the stern ‘peering over the glasses’ look. Perhaps she wanted to give someone an angry look – or maybe she just thought they would help her read…

As this feline proves, it’s not just people that get territorial about their land in Ohio! Sitting on a very uncomfortable looking pole, the cat seems to be keeping an eye out to make sure that nobody trespasses

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