Heartbreaking Facebook post from dad of boy who was drowned in reservoir by mum

Heartbreaking Facebook post from dad of boy who was drowned in reservoir by mum


A dad whose son was drowned in a reservoir by his mum posted a touching message on Facebook after his death.

Emma Sillett, 41, drove her and her son Jenson Spellman to a deserted spot at the Valehouse Reservoir in the Derbyshire Peak District in November last year.

She then filled a rucksack and her son's pockets with rocks before entering the water.

They both drowned with Emma, who had suffered from depression, having tied their arms together to stop Jenson floating away from her, an inquest was told on Tuesday.

The inquest heard how Emma's break up with the boy's father, John Spellman, appeared to have been “the major issue in her life” that had triggered the tragedy.

In December, one month after the bodies of Emma and Jenson were found, John wrote briefly about the tragedy on his Facebook page.

Saying that he was 'feeling heartbroken' he wrote on December 14: "Visited Jenson today for the 1st time since last week, I picked today as I also wanted to inform him it was his mothers funeral today…

"RIP JENSON (My no.1 best friend) x".

Ms Sillett was described by her family as a 'devoted Mum' who had struggled with her mental health and suffered three miscarriages, one in 2017.

Ms Sillett, who had worked as a social worker dealing with adoptions at Stockport Council for 15 years, had felt isolated following her move to Derbyshire after meeting John.

She bought her son a Happy Meal from McDonald's before driving them both to the reservoir where their bodies were found on November 22.

Her suicide note, left in her car, made it clear she wanted to end her life, but could not stand the thought of leaving her son to face life without her.

The 41-year-old was cremated in Colwyn Bay, north Wales on December 14.

Jenson was laid to rest a week earlier at Holy Trinity Church in Glossop where hundreds of mourners paid their respects to the little boy.

Concluding that Ms Sillett committed suicide and unlawfully killed her son Derbyshire Assistant Coroner Emma Serano said Ms Sillett’s note made it clear she had tried to carry out her plan the day before.

“But Jenson became frightened so this was abandoned,” she said.

“The next day after leaving home they were seen at 1.40pm leaving McDonalds, she sent a last message to John Spellman at 3.20, a last photo was taken at 3.49pm.

“We don’t know exactly what time events unfolded but at some time Emma took him out of the car, tied him to herself, then put rocks in the rucksack she was wearing and also put rocks in the pockets of his jacket and they entered the reservoir together.”

The coroner said given the detail of the notes she was satisfied Ms Sillett had intended to kill herself and her son.

Addressing the families in court she added: “I simply do not have the words to express what I would like to express to you.”

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