Girl, 13, battles super lice infestation as bugs ‘take full control of her hair’

Girl, 13, battles super lice infestation as bugs ‘take full control of her hair’


A young girl battled a horrible head lice infestation that left her with bugs crawling on her body and sucking blood from her face.

Hairdresser Rachel Maroun, from Sydney in Australia, works as a head lice technician and she was asked to give a scalp treatment for a 13-year-old girl.

In a video that will make your skin crawl, countless tiny bugs can be seen writhing in between the strands of hair and covering almost all of her scalp.

She says: "As you can see these lice are just having an absolute rave in her hair, they have just completely taken control.

"I think there were more lice than strands of hair on her head.

"There was no more space in her hair so they were crawling onto her face and drinking blood out of her face."

Rachel said her client remains calm while letting her to work on her hair to scoop out "massive wads of lice".

As she passes a comb through her hair, more lice drop on the floor and start crawling around the chair.

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She continues and works for eight hours in three separate treatments to make sure the girl is completely lice-free.

Rachel mentioned in the video that it was not a case of neglect but that the child had special needs and "wasn’t able to communicate that she had lice until much later".

The post went viral, racking up 8.8 million likes and being viewed 74 million times.

One person commented: "Oh my God how can you let it get this bad though."

Someone else said: “Please – the fact that she’s just sitting there feeling them all crawl of her is beyond me."

"How so calm! The lice is running around her head!” added another viewer.

Rachel said: "It’s really overwhelming because obviously I am sympathetic towards the poor child that is in that situation.

"They were dealing with a case of super lice and the client wouldn’t let her parents do her hair due to over-stimulation, so they left it all up to me.

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“It’s pretty rare to see such severe cases but when it does happen it’s always a shock."

After the treatment, Rachel said the girl couldn’t stop smiling and touching her hair, and described it as an "indescribable relief".

"Being able to see her scalp was a milestone moment but seeing her long hair completely clear was what made the process so worth it," she added.

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