Game of Thrones: MAJOR message for George RR Martin ahead of Winds of Winter book release

Game of Thrones: MAJOR message for George RR Martin ahead of Winds of Winter book release


The next book in A Song of Ice and Fire is still being written by Martin, and will arrive at least eight years after its predecessor – book five, A Dance with Dragons.

The Game of Thrones TV series – which is based on ASOIAF, even though its storylines overtook the novels part-way through – ended last month, leaving many fans dissatisfied.

But fans who are wary of the final two books being similarly polarising have thrown their support behind one Reddit user’s plea to Martin.

The post, published overnight, has already impressed thousands of readers; and has been 94% Upvoted.

User Mito20 simply stated that, even though the big plot points of the conclusion have already been revealed by the TV show, Martin should bear in mind his massively popular knack of subtly foreshadowing.

The Redditor said: “If I could have one message to [George RR Martin]… Don’t stop weaving hints into the story.

“Yeah, the show spoiled the main points of the story. I don’t care. GRRM’s work is going to be judged as a book series….as a completed book series.”

They added: “If he’s planing to finish this story at all, he has to keep foreshadowing in mind.

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“He has done a wonderful job so far foreshadowing events in the most subtle ways. I really hope he doesn’t drop this habit just because the s***ty HBO series spoiled the ending.”

One user agreed: “I just started reading the books for the first time and I love seeing all of the hints and foreshadowing from the show, the ending, and my general knowledge of the wiki. I strongly agree.”

Another said: “I’ve been re-reading the books since I first read them six years ago. I can’t believe how well he throws in foreshadowing.

“I’m constantly like, OHHHHH, I TOTALLY MISSED THAT! I’m reading Danaerys in the house of the undying and realized he’s laying out the red wedding right in front of you.

“Even the small things like mentioning Vargo Hoat likes to chop off limbs and the bear they bring in. It’s so damn good.”

The Winds of Winter does not currently have a release date, but Martin has implied it will be on shelves by summer 2020.

After that, he has one more book in ASOIAF to write: A Dream of Spring.

In the meantime, he’s set to come to the UK for a special event in August, and he’s also been given a huge honour in New Jersey.

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