Flight Attendants Hate These 15 Airports the Most

Flight Attendants Hate These 15 Airports the Most


Most people set foot on an airplane at some point in their lives. Some even travel by plane many times a week. Then there are flight attendants, who spend most of their time flying from place to place. One thing that can make or break a flight attendant’s day is the airport they visit. These 15 airports are the ones flight attendants hate the most (in no particular order).

1. LaGuardia Airport, New York City (LGA)

The sheer volume of people flying through NYC means LaGuardia Airport can be an absolute nightmare to navigate. Flight attendants and passengers seem to agree on the main problem, overcrowding. But the lack of cleanliness and chronic flight delays push LGA to the top of flight attendants’ most-hated list.

2. Los Angeles International Airport, Los Angeles (LAX)

California is a great place to visit, but getting there can be a pain. Flight attendants and pilots point out how difficult LAX is to navigate, mainly due to the airport’s small size compared to the large volume of traffic. Some travelers point out that LAX was designed for a certain amount of people. Now that the volume has hugely surpassed that, the airport has become a truly terrible place to travel.

3. Tribhuvan International Airport, Nepal (KTM)

Although security can be a pain, travelers view it as a necessary evil. The absence of strong security at an airport, however, can cause serious anxiety. Such is the case at Nepal’s Tribhuvan International Airport. Flight attendants rate this airport as confusing at best, with painfully long lines and minimal security. For those reasons, most flight attendants and pilots shudder when they see KTM on their itinerary. 

4. Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Philippines (MNL)

Opinions were unified on Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport, with frequent travelers claiming this airport is a “hellhole” of delays, missed connecting flights, and outdated facilities. Various reviews online slam MNL, saying a stop there will “ruin” a trip and passengers should steer clear of it.

5. Simón Bolívar International Airport, Venezuela (IATA)

While many travelers head to Venezuela for fun in the sun, Simón Bolívar International Airport is known as one of the worst. Most travelers slam the airport for dirty bathrooms, general lack of cleanliness, and a lack of order. Plus, they point out that this international stop features sub-par food.

6. Shanghai Pudong International Airport, Shanghai (PVG)

Pilots and flight attendants criticize Shanghai Pudong International Airport for the way it’s structured, with multiple runways on opposite sides of the terminals. This can cause issues when getting to and from planes, which creates flight delays, mass confusion, and anxiety for everyone involved. 

7. Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, China (SHA)

Travelers slam Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport for many reasons, including the outdated terminals and small size. Flight attendants have stated if delays start to pile up, SHA quickly becomes a mess to navigate, with too many people packed into a small space.

8. Heathrow Airport, London (LHR)

While most travelers agree that Heathrow Airport is a crucial airport in terms of volume and position, it’s reviled among flight attendants for an unusual reason. A recent report indicates that flight attendants are unhappy with LHR staff’s strictness concerning luggage size and weight, which in turn makes flight attendant’s jobs more difficult.

9. Toncontin Airport, Honduras (TGU)

This Honduran airport has been in the news several times in the past few years. The runway is shorter than average, causing dangerous situations. Plus, Toncontin Airport is located in a mountainous region. These factors have led to six major crashes at TGU since 1989, and that’s a situation no flight attendant wants.

10. Paro Airport, Bhutan (PBH)

Paro Airport is one of the most dangerous airports in the world. Only open during daytime hours, its pilots must use their own judgment in order to safely land aircraft, as opposed to the normal rules that govern airspace. For this reason, only eight pilots in the world are qualified to land at PBH. Needless to say, flight attendants on board for these rare landings are probably not thrilled about the situation.

11. Juba International Airport, South Sudan (JUB)

Located in South Sudan, Juba International Airport is criticized for being dirty, chaotic, and slow. Flight attendants have remarked on the poor quality of air conditioning (a real concern considering the country’s humid climate) and the fact that toilets seem to be perpetually broken.

12. Santorini National Airport, Greece (JTR)

This tiny airport can only handle about six flights at a time. However, upset travelers have pointed out that it feels as though handling even one flight successfully is a stretch. In spite of stunning views, JTR’s small size and long lines can make the whole experience frustrating.

13. Charles De Gaulle Airport, France (CDG)

While France draws many visitors every year, its largest airport leaves something to be desired. Pilots and flight attendants who fly through Charles De Gaulle Airport state that lost luggage is a frequent occurrence and employees are not very competent. Flight crews also take issue with the unreliable bus that goes between terminals, stating it’s much more efficient to walk.

14. Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport, Canada (YTZ)

Although Canada is experiencing an influx of tourism, Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport is not well-ranked. In a recent survey, YTZ was named as one of the 10 worst airports in the world due to problems with congestion, flight delays, poor service, and terrible food.

15. Malta International Airport, Malta (MLA)

As the only airport in Malta, travelers are rather limited when it comes to flying in and out of this tourist destination. Flight attendants may dread seeing this stop on their itinerary for several reasons, but mainly due to the congestion problem. With swarms of people flooding the island, the facilities at MLA are hardly equipped. It is now considered to be one of the worst in the world.

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