Feminist journalist blasts Kanye West buying his girlfriend a wardrobe

Feminist journalist blasts Kanye West buying his girlfriend a wardrobe


Would YOU let a partner choose your clothes? Feminist author blasts ‘rude and cruel’ Kanye West for buying Julia Fox a new wardrobe on their second date – but GMB viewers say they’d take the new outfits and run!

  • Journalist Rebecca Reid blasted Kanye West for buying Julia Fox new wardrobe
  • North London-based Rebecca said it is a controlling, cruel and rude move 
  • 10 Years Younger Presenter Nicky Hambleton-Jones said thinks it’s romantic  

A journalist has blasted Kanye West for buying his new girlfriend a whole new wardrobe on their second date, calling the move ‘serial killer-level mad.’

Speaking to Good Morning Britain, London-based author and feminist writer Rebecca Reid branded the move ‘cruel and rude’ and said that she’d run away if anyone asked her to get rid of her clothes. 

It’s been reported that West, 44, who is dating model Julia Fox, 31, bought her a new wardrobe on their second date as a romantic gesture. 

Debating the issue with Rebecca on the morning show, 10 Years Younger presenter Nicky Hambleton-Jones said she thinks the move is ‘romantic’ and that we should just ’embrace it.

Viewers were split over the issue, but many told Rebecca the best course of action would be to take the clothes and move on.  

North London-based author and feminist writer Rebecca Reid said on Good Morning Britain that Kanye West buying a new wardrobe for his girlfriend  was ‘cruel,’ ‘rude,’ and that she’d run away if anyone asked her to get rid of her clothes

Some people agreed with Rebecca, but others said they’d just accept the clothes and keep them after the breakup

Asked how she would react if a date bought her a new wardrobe, Rebecca said: ‘ I would think: “When will he murder me and can I get away fast enough to prevent that happening?”. 

‘It’s serial killer-level mad, and even if my instincts are a little overly honed and his plan is not to keep me in a basement, I’d think “What is wrong with my clothes? Why are you trying to control me? Why are you udnermining my confidence?”. 

‘There would not be a second date.’ 

Nicky Hambleton-Jones had a different point of view, and said she has no issue with West buying his girlfriend new clothes.  

It was reported that the rapper, 44, bought a whole new wardrobe for his new girlfriends Julia Fox, left, 31, on their second date 

‘As women, have we forgotten how to accept romance, and just embrace that gesture?’ she asked. 

‘Kanye West is someone who is bold, he’s got a strong brand identity: he’s over the top,’ she added. 

‘Him buying his girlfriend a whole new wardrobe on their second date is probably like my husband buying me a new handbag from a high street shop.

‘We can’t really relate to it, but I think there is something super romantic about it.

‘You know, it’s the second date, if it falls apart she gets to keep the wardrobe. That’s a win-win in my department,’ she joked. 

Rebecca said it is ‘serial killer-mad’ to buy a partner new clothes on a second date as well as controlling 

10 Years Younger presenter Nicky Hambleton-Jones said she buys clothes for her husband all the time 

But Rebecca said she feels the move is a way to control your date and a rude way to treat a partner.  

‘I’m sure you would agree, what we wear is a big part of who we are, it’s how we express ourselves,’ she said. ‘It’s a really important creative outlet. And with Kanye West it’s literally all of the clothes.’

She aregued that his actions are the rapper’s way of saying: ‘I hate all of the ways you’ve chosen to express yourself, I’m going to erase the entire thing.’

But Nicky challenged her, saying: ‘Did he say to Julia Fox “I hate all your clothes” or did he say “Darling, I bought you a wardrobe, take it or leave it, wear what you want?”.

The two women, pictured, debated the issue on this morning’s Good Morning Britain. with Rebecca saying she thinks asking someone to get rid of all their clothes is ‘rude,’ and ‘cruel’

‘I think there is a fine line between the two,’ she added.

Rebecca reminded Nicky that Kanye West made Kim Kardashian throw her wardrobe away when they started dating, on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. 

‘He said: “You dress badly and all of your stuff has to go.” He made her throw things away,’ she recalled. 

Suzanna Reid chimed in to remind Rebecca that Kim had done the same thing for her mother, Kris Jenner, on the show.  

‘It’s also on the Kardashians that Kim buys her mum as whole wardrobe full of clothes as a birthday gift,’ she said. 

Some viewers said Rebecca can ‘take it or leave it’ and others said they’d happily keep the clothes 

‘They are multimillionaire and given each other set of clothes is a gesture of love,’ she added.

But Rebecca pointed out Kim shopped with Kris Jenner rather than buying her things arbitrarily. 

‘There is really a different between shopping with somebody and working with their style and saying like Kanye did “You dress badly, I don’t like it, you have to change”.

‘And that is fundamentally really, really, really rude,’ she added.

She added it’s no better when a woman forces her partner to change their clothes.  

‘It’s definitely more normalised for women to go “oh I hate all your clothes, I’m throwing them all away, I’m improving you.” But I actually think it’s still pretty cruel when you do it to a man,’ she said. 

‘There’s a real different in saying “I love you in dark blue and I’ve bought you this very lovely jumper, and saying “I got rid of all your clothes. I don’t care if they had memories, I’m getting rid of all of them and they’re all rubbish,’ Rebecca added. 

Nicky said she buys clothes for her husband all the time and that he loves it.  

‘My love language is buying things, particularly in fashion because it’s my passion,’ she said.  

Viewers were split with the issue, with some saying they’d take the clothes and move on, while others said it was a red flag. 

‘Buying someone a new wardrobe of clothes is controlling!! He did it with Kim Kardashian too,’ one said. 

‘Kanye West can buy me a new wardrobe if he wants. I’m sick of wearing my Lonsdale s*** every day,’ another wrote.  

‘I see no issue… also let’s not forget how they spend money is very different to the majority!!!! I’ll take the wardrobe thank you please,’ one said. 

‘Anybody turning up with a gift on the 2nd date is a warning sign,’ one agreed with Rebecca. 

‘Look Rebecca, take it or leave it, it’s a brand new wardrobe full of top of the range clothing for free.. if that’s something to argue about then I dread the debate over “what came first, the chicken or the egg”,’ another wrote.

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