Fancy a free happiness class from Finland, the happiest country in the world?

Fancy a free happiness class from Finland, the happiest country in the world?


The course, made up of a series of 60-minute happiness classes, is open to everyone online.

For the last three years in a row, Finland has been crowned as the world’s happiest country. It makes perfect sense, then, that the Finns have decided to “do their bit” during the coronavirus pandemic and unveil the secrets to their happiness in a free online course.

According to the World Happiness Report, Finnish contentment largely stems from high levels of trust, reliable and extensive welfare benefits, low corruption, and a high sense of autonomy and freedom.

According to our Scandi pals themselves, though, the source of their happiness can be found in their daily habits. Think “a short walk in the forest, going ice swimming or tasting something fresh from nature”, to name but three examples.

“All of these things add a sense of calm and happiness to everyday life – something we all need right now!” reads the course provider.

To help us all get our happy on, then, Rent A Finn will be streaming a number of free, 60-minute online classes, each spotlighting a different local expert and showcasing the activities that contribute to their happiness.

The class topics and experts are as follows:

22 May: Mirja Priha & Molla Mills

To prepare for the ‘Spend Time With A Finn’ session, the website advises that you “find a peaceful space and think about questions you have always wanted to ask about Finns and their mysterious habits.”

29 May: Antti Etelämäki & Jukka Joutsiniemi

To prepare for the ‘Stay Active With A Finn’ session, you’re advised to wear comfortable clothes and have a big bottle of water nearby. Which we interpret thusly: “get ready to move and sweat, guys!”

1 June: Sasu Laukkonen

In ‘Eat With A Finn’, you will spend an hour with Laukkonen, a Michelin Star chef with his own restaurant in Helsinki. He advises you have a pair of rubber boots and some kitchen utensils to hand for his lesson.

12 June: The village of Mathildedal

If you only have time to stream one of these lessons, make it the ‘Be Happy With A Finn’ one. During the session, you’ll take a virtual trip to Mathildedal, a charming village located in Salo, right next to the Teijo National Park and the sea. Home to just 140 people, you’re advised to plonk yourself with a comfy chair and have a couple of questions to hand about the secrets to Finns’ happiness.

All live streams will be held at 17.00 Finnish time (so around 3pm in the UK). If you’re interested, be sure to tune into Rent A Finn’s live stream promptly: you won’t want to miss any words of wisdom.

We’ll see you there, yeah?

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