Expert advice on how to have a great date when it is *so* hot outside

Expert advice on how to have a great date when it is *so* hot outside


Written by Meg Walters

When temperatures start to soar, it can be tempting to cancel all of your plans and hide in a dark room with your desk fan blasting. In fact, a recent study shows that many singles cancel dates during intense heatwaves. We spoke with an expert on how to date like a pro even when a heatwave strikes.

There’s no denying it: it is hot right now. The UK is currently in the middle of another heatwave, with temperatures set to reach 37°C early next week. And according to experts at the Met Office, we’ve got a whole summer of hot weather to look forward to. In fact, as the climate crisis continues to transform the planet’s weather, it’s more likely than ever that each summer will feature ultra temperatures.

On a practical level, heatwaves make daily life a lot more complicated. Your daily commute may suddenly feel like a suffocating, airless hotbox. Your day at work may feel sluggish and unproductive. Your sleep schedule may even be thrown off because of the heat. The last thing you probably want to do is go on a date. 

According to new research from dating app Badoo, 42% of single people had planned to go on a date this week, but almost half ended up cancelling (or thinking about cancelling) because of the heatwave.

Dating is hard — especially during a heatwave

So, why are so many singles deciding that cancel their dates when the weather gets hot? Research shows 27% claimed that they were worried about arriving to their date feeling hot and sweaty, while another 26% said that they would rather not make the effort when they know they won’t feel their best self. While 17% opted to chat with their prospective partners online rather than in person so they could avoid public transport.

On the whole, it seems that most singles worry about how the heat will affect their ability to look and feel their best during their dates. After all, no one wants to be sitting through a sweltering date covered in sweat with a case of heat-induced brain fog.

But all hope isn’t lost. If you’re considering cancelling an upcoming date because of the hot temperatures, here are some tips from Remy Le Fèvre, global head of communications at Badoo, on how to beat the heat during your next date.

Dating in the heat — expert tips

Stay hydrated

“It’s easy to get carried away on a date having a few beers or cocktails, but remember to drink lots of water,” says Le Fèvre. Because alcohol can affect us differently in the heat, you may find that you want to switch to water during a heatwave date. “A good tip is to have a glass of water between every alcoholic beverage,” he suggests. “If you’re going on a day date or will be walking outside, make sure to take a bottle of water with you, too.”

Find a shady, breezy spot

If you’re heading out on a date during a heatwave, you may want to soak up the sun, but it may leave you feeling worse than ever.

“It might be tempting to have a cute picnic in the park, or sit in a pub garden in the sun, but with temperatures set to soar to close to 40°C, it’s not safe to be out in the sun all day,” Le Fèvre notes. “Make sure to find a shady spot if you are going to be outside or, better yet, balance with an indoor air conditioned location, like a bar or restaurant.”

Reconsider any high-energy activities

With sober dating on the rise, you may have planned a fun outdoor activity like a hike or bike ride. “Now is not the time for any energetic, outdoor activity dates,” says Le Fèvre. “Do something where you can sit, relax and just get to know each other.”

Wear something airy and don’t forget SPF 

Afraid that you’ll simply be too hot to have a pleasant date? Be careful when choosing your outfit. “Prioritise keeping cool and pick materials and colours that will help make you feel comfortable,” suggests Le Fèvre. “Linen is your friend here. Also, ensure you wear a good SPF and bring it with you if you’ll be outdoors. You won’t look or feel your best self if you get sunburnt.”

Consider a virtual date 

If the prospect of getting dressed up, hopping on the Tube and sitting in the sun (or even the shade) is simply too much for you, try a virtual date instead. This way, you won’t have to put your dating life on hold just because of the weather.

How to let your date down gently if you’re planning to cancel

While it is possible to have a wonderful date when the weather is sweltering, don’t force yourself to get out there if you’re stressed about the heat. “The heat can be uncomfortable and exhausting, so if you’re not feeling like your best self, then don’t feel any pressure to go ahead with the date,” says Le Fèvre. “After all, dating should be fun, so if you don’t think you’ll enjoy it, it’s OK to consider cancelling.”

If you decide to cancel, honesty is the best policy. “Just be honest and explain to your date that you’d rather reschedule for a time when it’s cooler, and you know you’ll enjoy it that much more,” he says. “Chances are they will be feeling the same.” 

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