Everyday Ageism: FEMAIL columnist CHRISTA D'SOUZA

Everyday Ageism: FEMAIL columnist CHRISTA D'SOUZA


Everyday Ageism: FEMAIL columnist CHRISTA D’SOUZA, admits she’s torn about the word ‘wrinklies’ being banned from Scrabble

  • There has been a crackdown on hate speech in the Scrabble community
  • Christa D’Souza says ‘wrinklies’ being banned makes her want to scream
  • British columnist argues there are other words which need to be banned 

It’s the last tolerated prejudice. But Femail’s had enough. It’s time we called out those day-to-day moments when we’re patronised for no longer being young…

If you are part of the Scrabble community you will know there’s been a crackdown on hate speech.

One such word which may come to be banned is ‘wrinklies’, that is, the nickname given to those of us whose skin is not as elastic as it was in our youth.

Christa D’Souza (pictured) said the word ‘wrinklies’ being banned from Scrabble makes her want to throw her hands in the air and scream 

On the one hand I want to throw my hands in the air and scream ‘Come on!’ There are words which definitely need to be banned, I do not need to list them here, but ‘wrinklies’? What next?

More insulting to me, somehow, is the new rule that proper nouns — names of people, companies and brands — now count in Scrabble. Honestly, you were never allowed to do that in my day. On the other hand, as I was scrutinising my face yesterday and noticing how many more lines I have, it suddenly felt like a gracious gesture.

I don’t know if the word ‘wrinkly’ features in a book, film or show, but maybe they should also ban the word from Charades. Imagine someone stabbing their finger at your eyes or neck as they acted it out? Maybe I’m losing my sense of humour here. But then if millennials are allowed to be humourless, why can’t 60-plussers? Wrinklies can be woke too, y’know.

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