Ever since my husband had an accident at work, we never have sex any more

Ever since my husband had an accident at work, we never have sex any more


DEAR DEIDRE: EVER since my husband had an accident at work, he has turned into a fat, lazy slob.

If it wasn’t for me doing things for him, I don’t know where he’d be.

Some equipment fell from the shelving in the warehouse and knocked him to the ground.

He was bruised but nothing was broken, thank goodness.

He says he still gets pins and needles in his arms and legs, but his doctor can’t find out what it is. He’s off sick.

He’s put on so much weight that we never have sex any more.

He can’t even find the energy to put the bins out. He’s 55 and I’m 51.

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DEIDRE SAYS: This accident has affected him in all kinds of ways, not just his sex life.

Suggest that he goes back to his doctor and lists the problems he is having and how debilitating he is finding this lingering injury.

He should ask for a referral to a neurologist, who may be able to run further tests.

Encourage him to lose weight and have short walks together, which may help him to feel like being intimate again.

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