Embarrassed woman sends dirty knickers to ASOS with returned clothes in blunder

Embarrassed woman sends dirty knickers to ASOS with returned clothes in blunder


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A woman who ordered several bikinis from ASOS realised too late that she had mailed her own "dirty knickers" back to the online fashion retailer.

Carla Freeman, from London, made a TikTok video about the huge blunder while laughing at her own forgetfulness.

''Something's just happened that even for me is remarkable,'' she says, explaining how she tried on the bikinis and decided to return a few that were "not good".

Carla says: ''So shoved them back in the bag, did the whole label print-y thing, ran down to the post office with it, posted it off.''

Unfortunately, it was only when she posted the package Carla noticed she was still wearing one of the bikinis she had meant to return.

Carla exclaims: ''I've put my underwear in the ASOS returns bag. With one of my favourite bras!"

Her conversation with ASOS customer services about the embarrassing incident had viewers in stitches.

Carla wrote to ASOS: ''I've accidentally included my own underwear with the items I returned to you.

"I'm so so sorry. Please tell me people do this a lot."

The online assistant appeared to see the funny side and replied: ''Oh no. I'm sorry to hear this Carla.

''You have made my morning so far, I won't lie but don't worry, you'd be surprised at how many people do return items back to us by accident that were not purchased from us.''

''But do they send their dirty underwear, do they!?'' Carla begs at the end of the video.

The video was watched more than 100,000 times and people said that, yes, it was surprisingly common for people to post their own belongings.

One user told her: ''As someone that used to work at ASOS yes! We’ve had rings, wallets everything!!''

A second reassured Carla: ''I work in the returns department (not ASOS) and I can confirm this happens a lot."

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