Elon Musk’s Ex Makes Small Fortune Auctioning Off Strange Memorabilia

Elon Musk’s Ex Makes Small Fortune Auctioning Off Strange Memorabilia


Having famous exes can pay off – literally – as it recently did for Elon Musk’s former girlfriend, who made a small fortune selling a variety of strange items and memorabilia from her time dating the businessman.

Jennifer Gwynne dated Elon from 1994 to 1995 while they were students at the University of Pennsylvania. Though he came from a wealthy family, Elon wasn’t yet the eccentric billionaire he’s known for today.

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The pair eventually split after the future SpaceX founder graduated and moved to California. She claims talking on the phone was difficult for him, so the long distance contributed to the split.

Though decades have gone by since their relationship, Jennifer decided to put a bunch of their belongings up for auction.

Speaking to The Boston Globe, Jennifer said she was shocked when she learned how much a stack of tests Elon had once marked in college sold for. She hoped this meant she could use her ex’s fame for her own personal financial advantage.

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Now, the memorabilia has sold and made Jennifer a small fortune. The entire collection sold for approximately $165,000, Euro News reports. The most expensive item sold was a gold necklace with an emerald stone that Elon gave Jennifer as a birthday present. It sold for $51,000.

A photo of the couple posing with four other students in 1995 went for $42,000, while a birthday card from Elon to Jennifer (who he called his “Boo-boo”) went for almost $17,000. In total, Jennifer sold 18 never-before-seen photos of Elon from his college days. Each image was sold individually.

As for what she’ll do with the auction profits, Jennifer says she plans to put a chunk of it towards her stepson’s education.

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Elon, who’s currently the world’s richest person, hasn’t publicly address his ex-girlfriend’s auction. But she says they haven’t communicated in years, and she didn’t seem to approach him before putting the memorabilia up for auction.

The Tesla founder may be wealthy, but he’s embroiled in several legal disputes, including a lawsuit from Twitter after he backed out of their $44 billion deal.

Elon also has several new mouths to feed. Earlier this year, it was revealed her welcomed twins with a Neuralink executive, Shivon Zillis, his 7th and 8th children. At the end of last year, his on-and-off girlfriend Grimes announced they welcomed a daughter via surrogate. The pair also have a son, while Elon has 5 other children with his ex-wife Justine Musk.

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