DVLA bans ‘rude’ licence plates ahead of new changes coming from next week

DVLA bans ‘rude’ licence plates ahead of new changes coming from next week


New number plates are set to be launched next week.

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) will be bringing out the new "73" plate from September 1.

But there's a number of registrations which are going to be banned when they're launched soon.

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A list of banned plates has been released following a Freedom of Information Act request made by carwow.

The DVLA regularly removes concepts from production as they're considered to be too rude.

Naughty phrases like "BO73 CKS" and "EA73 POO" were instantly removed.

With "AN73" reading like "ANTI", the DVLA also removed "AN73 VAX" and "AN73 WAR".

Even "AN73 LEZ" has been banned to stop people campaigning against Clean Air Zones like the London ULEZ.

The DVLA even axed a royal reference, providing some relief to King Charles just a year into his reign.

Meanwhile, "NO73 JOB" (reading like nose job) has also been stopped ahead of next week's launch.

As for other offensive keywords on number plates, "TE73ROR" and "TH73EAT" aren't allowed to be used either.

Carwow's managing director Paul Barker warned next week's update was a "huge" moment in the motoring calendar.

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He said: "As well as being big business for the Treasury, personal number plates are a bit of fun for many drivers in the UK, and this list shows where the line is in terms of plate humour.

"You might think it's BU73 SHT, but you wouldn't be allowed to have that as your car number plate.

"But behind the banned plate fun is a serious point that September and March plate-change months are huge for consumers and the car industry.

"On the one hand, you've got the clamour to be seen with the newest number plate and on the other you've got bargains to be had on late cars with the 'old' 23 plate and beyond.

"There's an influx of used cars as new car sales shoot up, which means plenty of choice for consumers, even if you're not looking for the newest thing."

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