Drunk pilot stuck in chimney for six hours after initiation ceremony goes wrong

Drunk pilot stuck in chimney for six hours after initiation ceremony goes wrong


A drunk Navy pilot spent six hours stuck in a chimney after an initiation ceremony went wrong, it is claimed.

Tommy Brownlee, 26, reportedly got caught upside down in the passage while taking part in the 'Chimney Challenge' at the Royal Navy Air Station in Yeovilton, Somerset, on Sunday.

The stunt involves trainee pilots climbing up a flue, crawling along the roof space and then coming down another passage before receiving free drinks, reports say.

However, Tommy naively went down the second chimney headfirst and ended up vomiting all over himself, according to a source who contacted the military humour Facebook page Fill Your Boots (FHB UK).

A post on the page states: "One of the officers got stuck upside down in a chimney for six hours.

"They've had a specialist team out from the caving search and rescue and had to cut half the chimney away to get him out.

"Apparently it's an annual initiation the officers do where they climb up one chimney and down another into the bar, only this time the guy got stuck and ended up p****** and puking all over himself while stuck upside down."

A picture on social media shows the smirking pilot lying down receiving medical treatment, accompanied by the caption 'so this happened'.

In another photograph he is being wheeled away on a trolley, surrounded by firefighters and paramedics.

A source told The Sun : "Tommy won’t live this one down in a hurry. Rather than an elite fighter pilot, he ended up looking like Bad Santa.

"There are grand open fireplaces each end of the mess. The flues on each chimney are 2ft wide in some places, but not so big in others.

"Tommy only found this out the hard way. He’s not as thin as he thinks."

A Royal Navy spokesman said: "We are grateful for the assistance of the specialist rescue teams in resolving this matter.

'It is now being handled through the chain of command."

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