Daily horoscope for May 15: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

Daily horoscope for May 15: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast


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Today’s horoscope sees the Moon transition into Cancer and out of Gemini. Cancer is the fourth sign of the Zodiac and holds a position in the Water house of elements. People with a strong Cancer influence in their lives tend to be tenacious and high emotional individuals who love spending time with their loved ones.

Whether you are having a lovely dinner meal or lending your closest friend a helping hand with a project, Cancer thrives in situations where its loyalty shines.

At the same time, you avoid strangers and have an aversion towards opening up about your life.

Moodiness is always just around the corner and insecurities pile on when you don’t have a support network in place.

With the Cancer Moon watching over your, look for comfort within the four walls of your home.

If possible, bearing in mind the Covid pandemic, surround yourself with family.

Cooking, gardening and other relaxing activities will bring you peace of mind.

According to the astrologers at Astro-Seek.com, your emotions might flare.

You need to learn how to live and let live, how to forgive and how to forget.

Try not to pay too much attention to the bigger issues – depression could easily follow you around.

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Keep a safe distance and you will find you are not overwhelmed with negativity.

At the same time, the astrologers believe you can find a real sense of purpose and belonging in the world.

The Cancer Moon is joined by the Sun in Taurus the Bull today.

Taurus is an Earth sign and Cancer is Water – and the two mix perfectly together.

According to astrologer Debra Silverman of Astrology Answers, and that is a perfect combination for the weekend.

Ms Silverman said: “It’s the yummiest flavour, that combination.

“However, there’s been no Fire in the heavens since May 9 and when the Moon is in Cancer, it’s going to be right next to Mars.

“So what happens when the Moon – the emotional body – is right next to Mars, the Red Planet in the heavens?

“It creates a little bit of combustion. So even though there’s no fire in the sky on Saturday and Sunday, it’s got lots of energy.”

This energy will flow into Cancer, as well as your home and your family.

Use this energy for cooking, playing and all sorts of activities that will bring you joy.

Ms Silverman called this the “yum yum factor”.

She added: “What a great weekend for gardening, what a great weekend for building things, growing things, for playing house and most of all, cooking.”

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