‘Counting On’ Fans Think Austin Forsyth Didn’t Actually Want to Marry Joy Duggar

‘Counting On’ Fans Think Austin Forsyth Didn’t Actually Want to Marry Joy Duggar


Austin Forsyth and Joy Duggar wed back in May 2017. While the two have never showed any signs of an unhappy relationship, fans believe that Austin never actually wanted to marry Joy. In fact, they think he settled for her because he was running out of options — here’s why.

Austin is several years older than Joy, and the two had a quick courtship

Age differences don’t mean much these days, so Austin being nearly four years older than Joy shouldn’t matter much. However, people do think that the age difference means that Austin might not have only been eyeing Joy when it came to a lifelong partner. When the two did begin courting, they didn’t wait very long to get married. And fans think that could have something to do with the Duggars not necessarily being in love with their partners when they settle down. (Some also believe that the two had a shotgun wedding because Joy was already pregnant, but that theory will likely never be proven.)

Fans think Austin had his eye on the older Duggar daughters

According to Reddit, fans aren’t buying the idea that Joy and Austin fell in love naturally. In fact, fans don’t think that Austin ever wanted to marry Joy in the first place. Some think he had his eye on Jessa or Jinger. “Once Jinger got married, Joy was all that was left,” one Reddit user wrote. “They twist their love/courting stories into a narrative that God finds them the perfect true love,” another user commented. Austin didn’t go for Jana, since she doesn’t seem interested in anyone, but Jessa and Jinger were already taken, leaving him with few options.

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Fans think Austin wanted to settle down and Joy was the only one available

Fans believe that Austin was getting to an age where he needed to settle down, so when Joy was 18, he thought she seemed like the best option — since she was the only one available. Some even think that Austin was determined to marry a Duggar to improve his own monetary future. “Maybe Joy was all that was left when he decided to settle down. Duggars are a good draw for his business!” one user suggested. Some users also think that Joy had been eyeing Austin for a while, and once he realized he wanted to settle down, he thought she would be the perfect woman for him since she had wanted him for so long.

Despite the theories, Austin and Joy appear to have a good relationship

When it comes to the Duggar’s relationship theories, we’llnever know the truth. However, despite what fans want to think, Joy and Austinappear to be happy together. Joy has loved joining her husband’s house-flippingteam, and the couple announced in early May that they’re expectingtheir second child in the fall. They seem to have plenty of love for theirfirst son, Gideon, and are looking forward to expanding their family. Plus,they take quick getaways together all the time, which shows they are doingtheir best to keep their relationship strong.

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