Chinese city implements virtual ‘parenting school’

Chinese city implements virtual ‘parenting school’


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The Chinese city of Hangzhou has implemented a points-based virtual “parenting school” for parents of children up to 15-years of age, according to a report.

“According to an official notice by the Zhejiang Education Bureau last week, the Shangcheng district in the city of Hangzhou has been offering a digital ‘parenting school’ for the public since 2020 and hopes the new point system will aid their studies in the autumn semester this year,” The South China Morning Post is reporting.

Parents obtain points by completing courses, and once they reach 100 points they get a star. Top achievers can gain up to 500 points to become 5-star parents.

The SCMP is reporting that the district has distributed a whopping 222,000 “parenting certificates” to high-achieving participants in the program.

Reaction has been mixed on China’s highly censored Weibo social media site. One commenter wrote that, “No one is born knowing how to be a parent, you should not stop learning.”

But another user chimed in to say, “There’s no family education theory or specific methodology that can help you cope with your children throughout their lives. Even a professional educator or counsellor cannot master everything. What’s the meaning of a parent taking classes that scratch the surface?”

Although for now the school district says that parents cannot fail the voluntary courses, and there is no punishment for not completing them, it also says that, “family environment and parents’ behaviour set an example for their children, so mastering knowledge and abilities of education within the family should be a mandatory class for all parents.”

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