Chilling moment mum of Brit raped and killed in India knew her death was violent

Chilling moment mum of Brit raped and killed in India knew her death was violent


The mother of a British teen who was raped and killed in India has told of the chilling moment she realised her daughter's life had come to a violent end.

Scarlett Keeling's bruised and half-naked body was found on the shores of Anjuna beach in Goa in February 2008.

After police claimed the 15-year-old schoolgirl had drowned, her mum, Fiona MacKeown, went to the scene to see it for herself, and found Scarlett's shorts, bikini bottoms and a broken sandal close by.

It was then that the shocked mum realised her daughter's death had been violent – and it led to her 11-year fight for justice.

Ms MacKeown 55, from Holsworthy, Devon, said the police told her that her daughter, a strong swimmer, had drowned in an accident.

The mum told the Sun: “Being British, I believed what the police had told me.”

She later visited the scene and found her daughter's clothing.

She added: “I knew then there had been violence. I knew the police had lied to me and not looked for any evidence. It was right there.

“I was so shocked, it made the ends of my fingers ache.”

She also sneaked into the morgue to photograph her daughter’s bruised and battered body.

At the time of her death, Scarlett had been staying with a local tour guide and his aunts with her mum's permission. The rest of the family had travelled on to Karnataka as the teen attended a Valentine's Day beach party in Anjuna.

She had been raped and deliberately drowned after being plied with drugs.

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