Change The Game To Change The Future

Change The Game To Change The Future


Having a passion is powerful. It’s what gets you up in the morning and fuels your day. We know you want to create meaningful change in your communities, but where do you start?

Inspired by McDonald’s Future 22, a group of visionary gamechangers shattering ceilings to create a better future, here are four tips to help you transform your passion into your mission.

Name Your Cause
Think about what’s important to you and put a name to that passion. Sometimes our stories are left in the hands of others when it should be Black people from our own communities representing us. Don’t be afraid to share your story—after all, your story extends beyond yourself, it speaks for all of us.

Do Your Research
See what’s out there that’s related to your passion. Take the time to learn how the current social, political, or economic trends relate to your cause. And see who else is supporting it.

Discover other like-minded people who are doing the work you want to be doing and let them inspire your actions. Then you could take it a step further by reaching out to one of them to see if you can collaborate—two voices are louder than one.

Don’t keep your ideas to yourself. If you sit on the sidelines waiting to be noticed, it may never happen. You need to let people know about the movement you’re creating. Maybe you connect with someone you admire and ask them to mentor you, maybe you email your friends to see what they think of your ideas, or maybe you join online groups to see if you can find your tribe. Just don’t stay quiet, your voice deserves to be heard.

Get Visible
We’re so lucky to live at a time when you can spread the word about your cause like never before. So don’t hold back! Put yourself out here and pave the way for you and what you believe in. If you love creating art, start with Instagram, if you’re a master of the spoken word, get on YouTube, if you want to be seen, get on TikTok—use social media to share your purpose and amplify your cause.

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