Can't stop texting your ex? TikTok's 'graveyard' trick will force you to resist

Can't stop texting your ex? TikTok's 'graveyard' trick will force you to resist


We’ve all been there: you’re in your healing era but that first sip of alcohol passes your lips, or you hear their song on the radio, and all you can think about is texting your ex.

Well, TikTok has a solution for that.

If you want to stop yourself from sending the ‘u up?’ text before you’ve even written the message, all you need to do is send your ex to the graveyard.

Don’t worry, it’s a lot more harmless than you think. TikTok creator Chelsea Nicole posted a video of a friend who wanted to text an old situationship but couldn’t.

‘See, well the thing is, I already sent him to the graveyard so I don’t know which number is his,’ she said, scrolling through her contacts list.

Turns out his number was buried among a load of other numbers, all of which had the headstone emoji as their name. 

It’s the perfect way to lose someone’s contact details – as long you don’t have their number memorised, of course.

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You’ll need to take a few other steps too: you’ll have to delete any old text exchanges, and you’ll need quite a few numbers in the ‘graveyard’, so you can’t easily work out who is who.

So, if blocking hasn’t worked for you so far, send them to the graveyard, sis! It’s where they belong.

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