BTS’ ‘The Voice’ Performance Of "Boy With Luv" Was So Good & Well Worth All The Confusion

BTS’ ‘The Voice’ Performance Of "Boy With Luv" Was So Good & Well Worth All The Confusion


If it seems like the seven boys from BTS are everywhere these days, that’s because they are. After popping up to channel The Beatles on the Late Show With Stephen Colbert, finishing off the U.S. leg of their Love Yourself: Speak Yourself world tour, and kicking off Good Morning America‘s 2019 Summer Concert Series, the K-pop allstars rolled up to the Season 16 finale of The Voice on May 21. J-Hope, V, Jungkook, Jimin, Suga, Jin, and RM arrived on stage looking adorably dapper in their black and white suits. Their energy was amazing, their dance moves were flawless, and you really have to see the video of BTS’ ‘The Voice’ performance of "Boy With Luv" because it legit brought the house down.

Some background first: On May 21, BTS excitedly announced their finale performance on The Voice‘s official Twitter. In a quick video, Suga, Jin, V, RM, Jungkook, Jimin, and J-Hope all posed in front of the show’s logo as RM shared the major news.

"Hi all Voice fans," he said. "We are BTS! Ready for the big announcement? We’re performing our single ‘Boy With Luv,’ on the live Voice finale on May 21 on NBC. We’re so excited. See you then!"


They are so freaking cute I can’t take it!

Now check out their epic performance:

Slay, boys!

Halsey also performed during the big finale — although, sadly, not with BTS — as did Taylor Swift, Brendon Urie, One Republic, and the Jonas Brothers. So yeah, the boys were in good company.

ICYMI, The Voice actually had to deal with a bunch of backlash before BTS’ appearance ever took place. It all started on May 13, after The Voice shared a teaser tweet featuring a clip of the Jonas Brothers and BTS.

"Tomorrow, two of the world’s hottest bands have a special announcement," the tweet read.

Pretty cool, right? Only, what happened next was kinda sketch. See, on May 14, the JoBros showed up on The Voice in a promo video to share the news that they would be performing on May 21 finale, and host Carson Daly revealed that Taylor Swift and Brendon Urie would also be in the house. But there was no mention of BTS at all. Zip. Then ARMY quickly realized that The Voice’s original teaser tweet that included BTS had been deleted, and, well, things took a turn.

Check out some of these angry tweets accusing The Voice of clickbaiting fans:

I have to admit, it does all seem kind of shady. I mean, was there some kind of glitch? Or did the network really just go and use BTS’ name to snatch views?

Luckily, all the drama seemed to de-escalate once The Voice officially confirmed that BTS would be taking the stage during the live finale. But neither the show nor the network ever addressed the controversy, so we may never know what actually went down behind the scenes and TBH, I still want answers.

NBC, where you at?

On second thought… we do have the boys’ amazing finale performance to watch on a loop now, so who really cares anymore?

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