Brit wraps conservatory in tin foil to beat heat – and people say it’s genius

Brit wraps conservatory in tin foil to beat heat – and people say it’s genius


You thought yesterday was bad enough – but today (July 19), temperatures are expected to soar into the late 30s.

Many Brits are trying to heat proof their homes, while others plan to sunbathe topless in their gardens.

One Brit has taken things a step further by engineering a system that will stop their house becoming a sun trap.

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And, all they needed was a bit of tin foil and tarp.

Having a conservatory can be a nice addition to the home, but it can attract a lot of heat during the summer months.

So instead of sweating in their house, this one home owner decided to get a bit creative by dressing their glass panelled addition with the silver cooking foil.

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The foil on windows is supposed to reflect to sun away so the heat is redirected outside, rather than heating up your home.

In a Reddit post, they declared: “I've sorted the heat out, lads. It's quite noisy in the breeze though.”

They attached a snap of their pimped up conservatory, with the glass now completely covered and the white rims of the doors and window only to be seen.

Rather than try and slather the roof with the foil, the Brit pulled a large piece of tarp.

This made their conservatory resemble some sort of tent.

They explained: “Took me three hours to entirely wrap the conservatory in tinfoil.

“Actually working though, b****** faces east and it's usually in the high 20s by this time in the morning.

"It's about 22C in there at 08:50 today.”

It wasn’t long until cheeky Brits poked fun at the foil wrapped conservatory – and some even likened it to a ‘grow house’.

One person commented: “I know that the grow-house references are the obvious take here – but I just keep picturing tin foil wrap baked potatoes… probably just a reflection on individual life experiences…”

Another user quipped: “Who’s gonna be first to cook a full English on their tinfoil shelters…?”

While a third person voiced: “I did this once and the neighbour told me I was bringing down prices of the houses on street and made them all look like a junkyard! Well excuse me, not all of us can afford air conditioning.”

Someone else praised: “Give that man a Blue Peter badge. Fantastic stuff.”

Meanwhile, a fifth user chuckled: “How long will it take you to wrap the UK in tinfoil?”


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