Bridal Bliss: Sabine And Ejiro Proved Two Breathtaking Weddings Are Better Than One

Bridal Bliss: Sabine And Ejiro Proved Two Breathtaking Weddings Are Better Than One


Sabine and Ejiro were brought together by a meeting concerning business that soon turned into one filled with pleasure. Running a non-profit organization, Sabine sought out the services of a consultant who could help her and her business partner navigate the future of the business. That’s where Ejiro entered the picture.

“My partner couldn’t join in on our first meeting so I decided to go by myself,” she tells ESSENCE. The connection between the two was immediate. They stopped talking about business and started talking about themselves. The rest was history. “We had our first meeting, and within that day we went for lunch, grabbed sushi, went for a walk around the park and ice cream! So, our first meeting was really like our first date.”

From there, the couple fell in love. She appreciated how kind he was to her and others. “It’s so cliché, however, I knew Ejiro was the one when I first met him. I didn’t know too much about him but we just jelled.” For Ejiro, it took considering how much it would hurt for Sabine to not be in his life that let him know she was special. “That’s when I knew she was my wife.”

And so he proposed in a creative way (more on that later), flying in family to be present. The couple then proceeded to plan their big day, dealing with the inconveniences and hiccups of COVID. That included finding out the day of their wedding that a large number of people in their wedding party had contracted the virus. Nevertheless, they made it work with who was still available, utilizing masks, temperature checks and sanitizer at their venue.

“Although we had to make due with our wedding party, everyone was able to truly enjoy themselves, especially with the wedding outside. We didn’t report positive COVID results after the wedding,” Sabine says.

The end result was a two-day dream. They had a traditional Nigerian wedding on September 9, 2021 that honored Ejiro’s Urhobo culture. Then, on September 11, they had the traditional white wedding. Both were outdoors. Both celebrations were also big, bold and memorable — from the decor to the attire. “I remember being so hands on in every aspect of our wedding that I was quite surprised walking down the aisle while my husband serenaded me,” Sabine recalls. “Everything was picture perfect!”

Picture perfect indeed. Take a look at some of the stunning imagery from both big days, and learn more about the love story of Sabine and Ejiro and what the future holds for them.


Décor: Priceless Planning Events

Catering: Delivering Experiences

Videographer: Bricks Group

Photographer: Linda Mcqueen

Photography: Reem Photography 

Venue: The Belvedere Estate

Bride Dress: Pantora Bridal

Groom Suit: Garcon Couture

Flower Wall: Long Island Back Drops

Sound Production: DJ Zeke

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