Boiling soup explodes in waitress’ face in Chinese restaurant

Boiling soup explodes in waitress’ face in Chinese restaurant


A waitress and diner were treated for burns after a pot of boiling soup exploded at a hot pot restaurant in China last week.

Two patrons were seated at the Haidilao restaurant in Kunming, Yunnan, Tuesday when one of the diners dropped his lighter into the table’s hot pot, a Chinese cooking method using hot soup stock to cook meat and other ingredients, according to local reports.

While the waitress went to fish out the lighter with a ladle, the scalding soup, typically kept hot by an electric stove at the table, exploded in the waitress’s face. The boiling hot liquid also splashed onto the two customers.

The diner had reportedly dropped his lighter into the soup while handing it to his friend across the table.

In footage of the incident, the waitress is seen standing over the soup, which can get up to 392 degrees Fahrenheit.

The waitress and one of the customers were reportedly taken to the hospital for immediate treatment.

The hot pot company, which has 300 locations all over the world, is investigating the incident and said they will conduct more training to avoid incidents like this in the future.

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