Big Brother winner Craig Philips' guide to overhauling windows

Big Brother winner Craig Philips' guide to overhauling windows


Transform the look of your home on a budget! DIY master CRAIG PHILLIPS gives a step-by-step guide to sprucing up plastic doors and window frames…

  • Spruce up your plastic window frames and front doors with spray paint
  • Big Brother winner and builder Craig Phillips gives a step-by-step guide
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The first ever winner of Big Brother, and makeover king, Craig Phillips has revealed how to boost the look of your property by sprucing up any plastic windows.

Now known for TV appearances such as ITV’s 60 Minute Makeover, Craig explains how uncomplicated tasks can transform your home in a new regular feature for MailOnline Property. 

These include sprucing up any plastic window frames and front doors with a fresh coat of spray paint. 

Big Brother winner Craig Phillips gives a step-by-step guide to painting plastic windows and front doors

Craig first came to our attention after winning the first series of Big Brother twenty years ago.

He has gone on to have a successful TV career using his skills as a builder. His latest project is the Channel 5 property show ‘How to Add 20k to Your Home’, with designers Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen and Linda Barker. 

He explained how materials have moved on since his early days working as a builder and that it is now possible to get professional results using much cheaper equipment.

He said: ‘You can now easily spray paint plastic doors and windows for example.

‘After 20 years the windows might have turned a bit yellow and look a bit off colour. 

‘People don’t want to rip out their windows due to the expense and disruption.

‘This is a much cheaper alternative if the windows are strong but just look a bit scrappy.’

 Pictured: Craig prepares his discoloured white plastic door for spray painting

Craig recommends using masking tape with polythene attached that protects the glass

Decorating plastic doors and windows: Using spray paint creates a professional finish

Craig, who has expressed his love of Grand Designs, has gone on to build his own house in Liverpool.

He filmed the whole process over two years, with the house ending up with an impressive ’18 corners’ and space for 26 cars on the driveway. 

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Craig says you can use spray painting on other parts of your home, such as a garden shed


 1. Clean 

Clean your UPVC window frames or doors with sugar soap – diluted with warm water – to remove any grease or grime on the surface. 

‘The cleaner the windows and doors, the better the paint will keep on the surface. Then lightly sandpaper them,’ explained Craig.

He recommends always using a dust mask when doing any sanding. 

2. Dust 

Wipe any excess dust with a dry cloth to help achieve a polished finish.  

3. Masking tape

Use some masking to tape to seal around any glass glazing or ‘furniture’ – such as handles – and up to the plastic. 

Craig recommends using masking tape with polythene attached that is ideal to protect the glass – and makes the whole process much quicker. 

4. Paint

Give your plastic window frames or plastic doors three or four coats of paints using a spray painter. 

These cost around £55 from Wagner, available from Argos, and ‘Al-fresco’ paint from brand Frenchic. 

If you prefer to, you can apply the paint using a brush, and Craig suggests removing the masking tape before the paint dries.


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