Best pictures of Princess Charlotte’s latest outing as she joins Kate and William

Best pictures of Princess Charlotte’s latest outing as she joins Kate and William


Princess Charlotte’s day out at the Commonwealth Games has all the best pictures of the Cambridge family’s outing on Tuesday.

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Prince William, Kate, Duchess of Cambridge and Princess Charlotte were all smiles on Tuesday as they watched the swimming and hockey events at the 2022 Commonwealth Games and paid a visit to one of Kate’s patronages. In the stands, Charlotte looked gripped by all the action, and she showed off some fantastic facial expressions throughout!

Charlotte holds her mum’s hand

As they made their way to the stands at the Sandwell Aquatics Centre, Charlotte held on tight to Kate’s hand.

Charlotte’s delight

Kate and William’s only daughter looked elated to have joined her parents at the sporting event.

Charlotte takes it all in

Charlotte looked engrossed as Kate and William tried to explain something to her in the stands.

Two peas in a pod

The family resemblance was clear for all to see when Charlotte and William were pictured beaming.

Charlotte pulls a face

Charlotte delighted royal fans with her hilarious facial expressions during the competition!

Charlotte’s shock

The Princess and her parents looked mesmerised by the spectacle at one point.

Kate and Charlotte’s cute moment

At one point Kate was seen lovingly stroking Charlotte’s hair as they watched the tournament unfold.

Charlotte meets an athlete

During her visit to Sandwell Aquatics Centre, Charlotte shook hands with swimmer Warren Lawrence of Dominica.

William comforts Charlotte

William was also on hand to offer support to his little girl when it all got a bit too much.

William and Charlotte share a hug

A super cute father-daughter moment was captured of William putting an arm around his daughter as they watched the hockey.

Charlotte gets some merchandise

Charlotte was spotted holding some Commonwealth Games merchandise as she left the University of Birmingham’s Hockey & Squash Centre.

The Cambridges pose for a picture

In her capacity as patron of SportsAid, Kate was joined by William and Charlotte for a sweet family photo-op.

Charlotte gets involved

Charlotte also stuck a medal on the medal wall during her visit to SportsAid House.

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