BA chief’s explosive email after whistleblower raised concerns for passengers

BA chief’s explosive email after whistleblower raised concerns for passengers


British Airways’ Chief Exec told managers to “screen” potential whistle­blowers and avoid hiring them after one raised safety ­concerns about its planes.

CEO Alex Cruz sent an email containing the explosive remarks after a BA employee claimed unsafe practices put passengers in danger.

Bartek Wytrzyszczewski had said emergency doors were vulnerable, training for hot drinks service was not good enough, and dimming cabin lights during boarding was unsafe.

Mr Wytrzyszczewski resigned in 2018, and subsequently lodged his claim for constructive dismissal, arguing that he had been forced out.

A preliminary tribunal judgement was published this week after BA tried to get the case struck out.

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The finding shows judge Paul Daniels highlighted the “troubling email” sent by Mr Cruz in March 2018.

The message was sent to a BA colleague after Mr Wytrzyszczewski emailed the CEO to raise concerns.

Mr Cruz wrote: “Of course the real question is what it is that we need to do in our screening process in order to detect people of this profile.”

Judge Daniels said “such comments could support an inference by the Tribunal that senior management of the respondent had a negative approach to whistleblowers and/or to people of ‘his profile’ ”.

He added: “The email appeared to suggest that persons of ‘this profile’ should not pass the recruitment stage alone.”

BA said: “Alex Cruz was not involved in the matters relating to this employment tribunal, and his comment has been taken out of context.

"The individual resigned from employment while his complaints were being investigated.”

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