Anniversary 'may be harder' for Charles than Queen's death says expert

Anniversary 'may be harder' for Charles than Queen's death says expert


First anniversary ‘might be harder’ for Charles than Queen’s death at the time as ‘the job of becoming king took over’ but now he has time to reflect, expert tells PALACE CONFIDENTIAL

  • Daily Mail’s diary editor Richard Eden discussed the death of Queen Elizabeth
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The first anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s death could ‘in some ways’ be more difficult for King Charles than when she passed away, a royal expert has claimed.

Her Majesty died at Balmoral Castle on September 8 last year, with her two oldest children at her bedside. 

Speaking on this week’s Palace Confidential, the Daily Mail’s diary editor Richard Eden discussed how the monarch was extremely busy with the business of becoming king when his mother died.

However now, a year later, he says His Majesty may have more time to reflect on the passing of his mother.

Speaking to host Jo Elvin, Richard said: ‘I suspect this anniversary in some ways might be harder for him than than a year ago.

‘Because, at that point, [for us] the instinct [as journalists] to get the paper was taking over.

‘For him…the job of becoming king was what took over, so now I suspect he’s got time to reflect, and it will probably be a sadder moment.’

During the episode, the royal experts also discussed the Queen’s death, and how the timing had been unexpected.

According to the Daily Mail’s Royal Editor Rebecca English revealed she had spoken to a well-placed source about what it was like being at Balmoral at the time the Queen died.

She said: ‘They said to me that although there was a lot of talk about the Queen’s death, her demise was really very quick, and it really did take them on the hop – no one expected it to happen that day. 

‘I think they thought it would be in the next six months, but but not then. 

‘And although we can prepare a lot for these things, obviously…the various operations have been in the planning for years, there’s only so much you can do. 

‘And they described it as kind of like kind of having to learn to fly the plane while you’re doing it, because a lot of things had to get thrown out, and a lot of new things had to be brought in. 

The Daily Mail’s Diary Editor Richard Eden (pictured) discussed on the programme whether now may be a more difficult time for the king than the time of the Queen’s death, due to him having more time to reflect now

King Charles (pictured while addressing the nation following the death of his mother Queen Elizabeth II) had to get involved with the all-consuming business of becoming monarch at the time of his mother’s death 

‘So they said it was really…an adrenaline-fuelled ride for them at the time as well.’ 

Rebecca also described the moment Charles and Camilla arrived at Buckingham Palace following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, and the reception they received.

She revealed that it had been very crowded and loud, adding: ‘Then suddenly it was kind of quiet and you could hear this kind of echo of “God save the King” getting closer and closer.  

‘I still get shivers down my spine thinking about it now, it was a really moving historical moment.

‘They got out of the car and they weren’t sure what the reaction of the crowds would be…and you can see the king almost kind of steel himself,  like, “right, I’m gonna get into work mode”, but…with Queen Camilla, she had tears in her eyes. She was barely holding it together. She was so moved by what she saw.’

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