Amazon sold $13K camera gear for $94 on Prime Day

Amazon sold $13K camera gear for $94 on Prime Day


Now that’s a bargain.

Photographers made off big this Amazon Prime Day — a k a digital Black Friday for the retail behemoth — when a pricing mishap discounted many expensive cameras and equipment to under $100.

“Amazon really messed up,” comments one user on a deal-sharing site called Slickdeals, where a $548 Sony Alpha a6000 camera on Amazon briefly cost only $94.50.

“Literally everything is 94.48,” writes another user, “I have bought like 10k worth of stuff that was like 900 dollars total.”

It wasn’t third-party sellers marking their gear down to fire sales prices either – it was Amazon itself, PetaPixel reports.

“I got a $13,000 lens for $94,” one deal-nabber writes.

One lucky individual got a 92 percent discount on a Fujifilm X100F, scoring the usually $1,299 camera for just $102, writes Fuji Rumors.

Many in the pages-worth of comments beneath the Slickdeals steals express concern Amazon will cancel their orders once the company realizes its mistake. There are no reports of cancellations, though, and one Slickdeals member posted the confirmation they received soon after ordering a Canon EOS, PetaPixel writes.

The user bought the camera, usually $2,000, for just $94.48.

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