Amazon Just Revealed Its Most Popular Facial Cleansers Right Now — and They’ll Definitely Surprise You

Amazon Just Revealed Its Most Popular Facial Cleansers Right Now — and They’ll Definitely Surprise You


If you’re not already stocking your medicine cabinet and makeup bag with finds from Amazon’s impressive beauty department, it’s time to finally give it a go and add one of these popular skincare products to your cart.

We got the scoop from Amazon on its best-selling facial cleansers, and no surprise here, they’re all incredibly affordable and come with hundreds — if not thousands — of five-star reviews. Just like its top 15 “customer favorite” beauty products, which were revealed this spring, these face washes and makeup removers are inexpensive, Prime-eligible, and a big hit with shoppers.

The list has a little bit of everything including makeup removing wipes, micellar water, and even a men’s top-rated two-in-one soap bar. And since each product works differently and is designed to target a variety of concerns from dry skin to stubborn makeup, you’re bound to find one that suits your skin type and lifestyle. So whether you’re trying to save a little so you can invest more of your skincare allowance on high-end creams and luxe serums, or you’re just craving a change, these under-$15 cleansers are all worth a try.

Neutrogena Makeup Removing Wipes

These makeup remover wipes are gentle on skin thanks to their alcohol- and fragrance-free formula, yet they’re effective at removing layers of makeup — even waterproof mascara. Throw these in your gym duffel, beach bag, or carry-on to cleanse on the go, or keep them by your sink to remove makeup and grime at night.

To buy: $9;

CeraVe Hydrating Face Wash

Everyone can benefit from a little extra moisture, and this gentle, non-comedogenic cleanser from CeraVe is formulated with hyaluronic acid to leave your skin feeling super soft and hydrated while it washes away makeup, dirt, and oil. While it doesn’t foam up like typical cleansers, shoppers call it the “holy grail” for those with super dry or sensitive skin.  

To buy: $14;

Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar Water, Cleansing and Make-Up Removing Solution

This gentle Micellar water from Bioderma is a makeup remover and facial cleanser in one that works without rinsing — saving you time and effort. It’s gentle enough for those with sensitive eyes, and non-drying, so you can apply it morning and night. Shoppers also love it for quickly fixing makeup blunders when they’re in a rush.

To buy: $14;

Bioré Blackhead Removing and Pore Unclogging Deep Cleansing Pore Strip for Nose, Chin, and Forehead

While all of Bioré’s pore strips are popular with Amazon shoppers, it’s the value size of these nose and face deep cleansing pore strips that are the most sought-after. Use them weekly to unclog and shrink pores while removing blackheads — sans expensive facials or painful extractions.

To buy: $8 (Originally $15);

CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser

If other foaming washes left your skin feeling tight and dry, don’t fret. This super gentle cleanser is made with hydrating hyaluronic acid to moisturize while it washes away makeup, sweat, oil, and sunscreen. It also contains a variety of ceramides, which protect your skin and help it to retain its natural moisture.  

To buy: $13;

Dove Men+Care Body and Face Bar Extra Fresh

If you tend to steal products from your man, you won’t be the first to give this mild, non-comedogenic wash a try. “I love this soap and I’m a woman!” one reviewer wrote. “It cleanses thoroughly and makes your skin feel rejuvenated. Oh, and the scent is so very sexy." Enough said!

To buy: $10 for 10-pack;

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