Amazon is selling a hot water bottle for your feet and it's perfect for cold nights

Amazon is selling a hot water bottle for your feet and it's perfect for cold nights


THERE'S no need to suffer from freezing toes anymore as Amazon is selling a hot water bottle for your feet.

It works like a normal hot water bottle, but comes with a cosy fleece pouch especially to keep your toes toasty.

There are two separate holes, one for each foot, so your feet won't get sweaty.

The covers are easy to remove and machine washable.

It comes with a two litre hot water bottle and takes only minutes to warm up.

Once you've popped the bottle in, the fleece should stay warm for up to two hours.

It's perfect for sitting on the sofa with a box set, but you could also use it under your desk at work.

It can even be used at night – ideal if your partner often complains about your ice block feet.

The heated foot warmer is available in purple at Amazon for just £14.85, sold by Things2KeepYouWarm.

the same seller has a dark grey version for £15.98 and a light grey one for just £13.50.

All three options have been rated between four and five stars by Amazon users.

One reviewer said: "I have struggled with bad circulation and icy feet for a long time. Thick socks and other things did not do the trick.

"This product solved my cold feet problem in a matter of minutes! Extremely soft and comfortable and very easy to use.

"I would definitely recommend this for anyone who struggles to keep their feet warm in the winter."

Another said: "It arrived promptly, as usual, before the nominated date.

"As with so many items that work well, the design is splendidly simple, and very effective – instantly warm feet.

"The instructions are brief and obvious, but, none the less, worthwhile the reminder.

"I bought two, as the cover will need washing, and being multi-layered, time to dry."

We couldn't find any cheaper options available online.

But we did spot this one from Vagabond in a cool pink and black pattern that costs just £15.50.

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