All the Gifts Your Dog Definitely Needs This Holiday Season

All the Gifts Your Dog Definitely Needs This Holiday Season


Back in July, I woke up on a random Saturday and decided that was the day I was going to adopt a dog. I drove four hours to a small town in Pennsylvania and brought home a baby Bernese Mountain Dog that I named Sully. I have since become ridiculously obsessed with him and think he is absolutely the greatest thing to ever happen to me. As a result? I spoil him rotten. While I still have to do quite a bit of Christmas shopping for my friends and family, Sully already has an enormous pile of dog gifts under the tree.

We love giving gifts this time of year but if we’re being honest, we love spoiling our pets the most. Nothing beats the excitement on their furry little faces when you bring home a treat or new toy. Sure, doggie bones are nice and your dog will definitely love chowing down on them but there are so many unique and adorable gifts these days that we wanted to make sure you’re seeing the best of the best while shopping for your doggo. Ahead, you’ll find the best dog gifts 2019 has to offer. I only ask that you please tweet me pictures of your dogs enjoying them because nothing brightens my day more than cute doggy pictures.

Faux Fur Dog Bed

Dog bed, but make it fashion. This comfy and cozy bed also doubles as stylish rug for your home. It’s really a gift for your dog AND you.


Why not give a gift that lasts all year long? Every BarkBox has two innovative toys, two bags of all-natural treats and a chew made in the USA. Every box is curated with a different theme and an entirely brand new experience. BarkBox subscriptions start as low as $29 a month.

Vegan Leather Leash and Collar

Leather collars look good on every dog but we definitely feel guilty purchasing leather. This one is 100% vegan so you can enjoy the gorgeaous leather aesthetic without any of the guilt. 


A great alternative to raw hide, these chews are a safe and delicious treat. I usually give Sully one when I leave the house and he gets so distracted that he doesn’t even notice me leaving. 

Bully Sticks

These are hands down Sully’s favorite treat. He goes nuts for them and I love knowing that they’re totally digestible and safe for him to chow down on. These particular bully sticks are also odor free so your dog can chew them in your home without needing to burn a candle to mask the smell. 


We love to spy on our pets while we’re away and make sur they’re not gettinginto any trouble. This genius invention not only lets you check up on your pup, but lets you toss them a treat remotely so they feel a little better anout being left home alone. 

Elk Antler

I give Sully one of these to chew on whenever I need him to leave me alone so I can get work done. He would chew it for hours if I let him. They are pricey, but ne antler lasts about one month so you definitely get a lot of ouse out of it. 


Slipper Toy

I’m not sure why dogs are obsessed with chewing slippers but they are. In an attempt to save your own slippers, give them a pair that you are totally OK with them destroying. 



Buffalo check is the trendiest pattern this season and a cute bandana is an easy way to add a little festive flair to your pup’s outfit. It will help keep them warm and you’ll be able to take the perfect Insta pic. 

Soup Bones

These chews last a bit longer than most other chew treats and they aren’t filled with a bunch of processed ingredients. In the summer, I freeze them for Sully as a nice, cool treat but they’re just as delicious during the winter months. 

Whistle Go Tracking Device

Your dog may not appreciate this gift right away, but if they ever get lost they (and you) will be thankful for this purchase. This small device snaps right onto their collar and is waterproof so even if they decide to go for a swim, you’ll be able to find them. 

Ultra-Durable Chew Toy

If you have an aggressive chewer, this is the toy for you. Practicaly indestruictible, this ring is non-toxic and made from natural rubber. 

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