Air Travel Startup Gets $20 Million Funding For Post-Pandemic Trips

Air Travel Startup Gets $20 Million Funding For Post-Pandemic Trips


One air travel startup is taking advantage of post-pandemic flying. Aero has raised $20 million in funding to help fuel the demand for air travel as CEO Uma Subramanian declares that air traveling will return “with a vengeance.”

Air travel has been hit hard since the pandemic, and one year later, one startup is planning on moving forward. Aero, a semi-private air travel startup that launched last month out of Los Angeles, has raised $20 million in funding for post-pandemic trips. As reported by Inside Hook, Aero has a fleet of aircraft that are either 16- or 24-seaters. The airline strives to provide the first-class experience with two important goals in mind: provide excitement and luxury back into flying.

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CEO Uma Subramanian has a strong desire for Aero to be an airline that makes people want to enjoy flying again. In her interview with Inside Hook, Subramanian discussed how flying has turned into a “commoditized experience.” To make flying personal again, Aero will transit through private terminals on a 16-seat aircraft with seats that are a meter-and-a-half apart. The airline travels to direct points, so there doesn’t have to be multiple stops to get to where you’re going.  Some may believe that beginning a startup during a pandemic could be disheartening, however, Subramanian has great faith in Aero.

“It’s a horrendous time to be Lufthansa, but counterintuitively, it’s the best time to start something from scratch– in large part because it’s been incredibly affordable to buy planes and other assets,” Subramanian shared.

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Fundraising for Aero was led by Keyframe Capital, with Keyframe’s chief investment officer John Rapaport joining the Aero board, according to Yahoo! News. Investment officer John Rapaport joined the Aero board along with Cyrus Capital Partners and Expa. The funding will allow Aero to do big things, such as allow Aero to grow its team and add more flights. One of the next projects is to establish a route between Los Angeles and Cabo San Lucas, which plans to launch in April.

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Aero was in the works way before COVID-19 hit, so the launch for the air travel startup comes at a more perfect time when people are going to want to start to venture out more. There are plans for Aero is expand to greater destinations for its passengers, such as Sun Valley and Cabo; along with a range of destinations in Europe.

It will be exciting to see where this air travel startup goes next!

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