Adult industry expert says cryptocurrency is way forward after OnlyFans disaster

Adult industry expert says cryptocurrency is way forward after OnlyFans disaster


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An adult industry expert cryptocurrency is the way forward after the recent OnlyFans debacle.

Things began last week when OnlyFans shocked its creators by announcing it was banning "sexually explicit content".

The website, which exploded in popularity during lockdown, said it would allow some posts containing nudity.

But it was thought that it was trying to shift its focus onto more mainstream content such as cookery and yoga.

The move was presumed to be linked to credit card companies' increasing chokehold over adult content creators as they tighten their policies.

This has seen more rigorous ID verification policies for any platform hosting adult content.

However, many OnlyFans creators slammed the site after the news, saying they felt "betrayed" and "used" as the company appeared to turn its back on the adult industry.

This caused OnlyFans to do a U-turn as it announced this week that it was suspending the porn ban on the site, which was scheduled to come in by October 1.

But is the future safe for adult creators on OnlyFans?

Jeff Dillion, chief business development officer at Nafty, says he thinks many creators should move over to cryptocurrency, rather than relying on sites that use credit card companies, after the OnlyFans drama.

Nafty is a crypto-based token built specifically by the Nafty team for the adult industry. The token is for adult content creators and viewers.

As well as the Nafty token, it also has adult content platforms that aim to change the way adult creators sell their content and engage with their fans., for example, is similar to OnlyFans, but it is a blockchain-based fan club platform that offers lower fees, better payment solutions and built-in marketing tools.

Talking exclusively to Daily Star, Jeff said that having these alternative platforms are "key" because he says banks can change their rules and "pull the rug" from under sites.

Whereas, he says Nafty was built for sex workers and the industry specifically.

Asked what makes Nafty different, Jeff – who has worked in the adult industry for 20 years – says the company will never be "pressured" by credit card companies as it is a de-centralised system controlled by the owners.

He also said there is no charge back on the site, saying: "The problem with fan sites is that they charge back. With blockchain and crypto, there's no charge back, what you earn you get."

Nafty also only takes 10% from creators, says Jeff, saying it gives them a "greater share of the pie".

He told us: "It puts the power back into model's hands, not credit card companies'.

"The credit card companies will only get more restrictive before they loosen up.

"They make so much money, that the amount made from adult material is a drop in the ocean.

"It will take a global shift to crypto until they loosen up."

Jeff claims crypto is the "way forward" and is only becoming easier.

He said: "Pretty soon crypto will be like PayPal, it'll be easier than credit cards, and the adult industry will lead the way with it."

Asked when many creators have been moving to Nafty since the OnlyFans drama, Jeff said the site has seen a 500% increase in the number of sign-ups.

He revealed: "Creators were scared. A lot of models got comfortable with OnlyFans, but they've realised they can't put all your eggs in one basket.

"They need to diversify and get their own websites or fan sites."

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