A size UK10 cardigan is listed as XL on fast fashion website Shein

A size UK10 cardigan is listed as XL on fast fashion website Shein


‘It’s no wonder people feel insecure about their bodies’: Shoppers left shocked to spot fast fashion site Shein advertising a size 10 loose-fitting cardigan as an XL

  • Shein listed their DAZY Drop Shoulder Pocket Patched Cardigan in sizes UK 4- 10
  • Twitter users have blasted the China-based retailer for saying UK10 is a size XL 
  • Despite backlash, the item has high customer reviews on the Shein website  

A cardigan being sold by Shein which is only available up to a size UK10, has gone viral on social media after users were shocked to see a UK10 described as equivalent to size XL. 

The China-based fast fashion retailer listed the DAZY Drop Shoulder Pocket Patched Cardigan for £27.49 on its website, showing a model wearing the loose-fitting item on top of a striped blouse and black trousers for a ‘casual’ look.

A shopper from London took to Twitter with a screenshot of the sizing chart, noting how the retailer lists a UK size 10 as the equivalent of an XL. 

The woman, going by the Twitter name Lolli, quickly racked up more than 21,000 likes and a stream of comments from others outraged by the sizing. 

China-based retailer Shein, has been blasted on Twitter for listing a size UK10 as equivalent to XL (pictured), when buying their DAZY Drop Shoulder Pocket Patched Cardigan

Bringing attention to the sizing chart, the shopper wrote: ‘Guys look at these f****** sizes’.

A flood of responses argued a UK10 is often considered a small or medium, while others claimed inconsistent sizing in the fashion industry is fueling eating disorders.

One person wrote: ‘The idea of size 6 being ‘medium’ is insane to me, size 6 is so tiny. I’ve always thought of 12-14 as medium, 16+ large.’

Another said: ‘And then plus sizes start at size 16, I think, so I guess if you’re 12 + 14 you just???’

‘And they wonder why so many girls and boys have eating disorders. This is honestly so disgusting. I could never shop here because I’d be an XXXXXXXXXXXL,’ a third added.

Another wrote: ‘Isn’t it any wonder people feel insecure about their bodies… It’s bad enough clothes sizes being inconsistent, but to call a size ten an XL… WTF?’

Shein shared a photograph of a model wearing the cardigan (pictured) oversized with a blouse and black trousers for a ‘casual’ look

A flood of Twitter users have argued a size UK10 is usually considered small, while complaining about inconsistent sizing within the fashion industry 

Shein describes the long-sleeve cardigan as an apricot item for Spring/Fall, made from a combination of Viscose, Polyester and Polyamide. 

Shoppers are instructed to machine wash or professionally dry clean the cardigan, which is part of the brand’s DAZY collection, described as ‘effortlessly cool’ streetwear for everyday.  

A size UK4 is listed as small, alongside UK6 as medium and UK8 as large.  

Despite the backlash from social media users, the cardigan has a stream of positive customer reviews on the Shein website.

One person wrote: ‘Right size, good material, highly recommend’

Another said: ‘I normally purchase a medium or large for Shein sweaters because I like an oversized fit. DAZY usually fits small, but the large was the right size for oversized. I could have gone for a medium for a more fitted look. 

‘The colour is less gray/white and more of a beige with yellow tones. The buttons are nice. It looks more expensive than it is, so a good buy! I would purchase in different colours’

Customer reviews on the Shein website suggest buyers have been pleased with their cardigans

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