‘A Ring doorbell ended my mate’s marriage when his wife was caught cheating’

‘A Ring doorbell ended my mate’s marriage when his wife was caught cheating’


According to Amazon, Ring Video Doorbells have a built-in camera that allows users to see a live video feed of what’s happening at their front door at any given moment.

The doorbell’s sensors can also alert users when motion is detected at the front door and these controls can be adjusted via the app.

But while many people love them for keeping their home safe, one person has called for them to be scrapped to protect others who partake in extra-marital affairs.

Taking to the “flirt forum” on the UK’s leading married dating website, Illicit Encounters, the man revealed how the smart doorbell exposed the truth of his friend’s marriage.

The incident occurred between one of his friends and their wife, who was caught with another man at the marital home.

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In the post, the anonymous forum member said: “Anyone got one of these doorbells? Be warned as it’s just put an end to my mate’s marriage.

“A mystery bloke turned up on the front door and turns out his missus was playing away. It got quite ugly and can’t believe how stupid she was to do it on her own doorstep.”

Other dating site users agreed that it was the wife’s fault for blurring the lines between her marriage and alternative relationships.

One person who goes by the name Rick67999 said: “Can’t ever imagine bringing an IE home, and to be honest I’d be too on tenterhooks for all the wrong reasons if I went to hers… Isn’t a different location part of the fun?”

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Another opined: “More fool her for having the disrespect to have an affair using the marital home, that’s a crossing of the line for me and shows contempt towards her husband!”

In response to the original post, many others unveiled their own scandalous dating stories.

An Illicit Encounters member wrote: “I bought my wife a Ring Doorbell for her birthday, yes I’m a romantic. Then thought what have I done? Thankfully she doesn’t know one end of a drill from the other, so it’s still sitting in the box waiting for me to install it.”

A second person explained that they are extra careful with their own smart doorbell to avoid getting caught.

The user named Paula99 explained: “All my family have access to the ‘doorbell’ as it alerts their phones… Before I had my ‘doorbell’ there is no way on God’s earth that I would invite my IE to my house…it’s my domain so I wouldn’t expect an invite to his home …I don’t invade the wife’s personal space …too much risk involved.”

Weighing in on the awkward dilemma, Jessica Leoni, sex and relationships expert at Illicit Encounters commented: “This case is a striking example of modern technology intersecting with the world of infidelity.

“The Ring doorbell, a device designed to enhance security, is inadvertently becoming a relationship disruptor. It should be common sense not to bring your affair right to your own front door, but emotions can get the best of us, leading to some questionable decisions.”

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