32 Cute Comments To Leave On Your Friend’s Instagram, Because They Deserve The Hype

32 Cute Comments To Leave On Your Friend’s Instagram, Because They Deserve The Hype


When you have an amazing group of friends, you’re set for life. You’ll always have someone to hang out with, laugh at inside jokes with, and text when you need to vent or just share a funny meme. You love your crew, and think they deserve the world — especially major hype on the ‘Gram. That’s why you need cute comments to leave on your friend’s Instagram for every post they share.

You know that giving them a like is a nice gesture, but a comment means so much more. Plus, your friends are the real MVPs, so you definitely want them to know how fire you think their selfies are. A simple "so cute" or a collection of heart emojis can do the trick, but you want something even better to show how much you love them and want to hype them up.

I know what it’s like to get into the habit of posting the same Instagram comments over and over again. That’s why I’m here to help when the writer’s block gets too real by giving you these 32 comments that work perfectly on Instagram. Leave them on any video or pic your friend posts.

For their selfies:

1. "Someone call the fire department, because this post is [fire emoji]."

2. "This post definitely deserves a ‘Yasss queen!’"

3. "I’m sorry, but is my friend the cutest or what?"

4. "The world thanks you for giving us this selfie."

5. "Never met a selfie of yours I didn’t like."

6. "Why doesn’t this post have a million more likes?"

7. "Are you sure this is a selfie and not professionally done?"

8. "My friend is a model."

For their plandid pics:

9. "You’re the coolest."

10. "You make everything look so fun!"

11. "I’m so lucky I get to call you my best friend."

12. "Can we have this much fun next time we hang out? I miss you!"

13. "This pic needs to be next to the word ‘fun’ in the dictionary."

14. "OMG tell me where you got this outfit!"

15. "Precious AF! [heart eye emoji]."

16. "You really do know how to seas the day."

For group pics together:

17. "I always smile bigger when I’m with you."

18. "Can we please repeat this day?"

19. "This is exactly why we’re friends."

20. "This pic makes me even more excited for our next adventure together."

21. "Wait, why aren’t we hanging out rn?"

22. "LOL, can I have this picture framed?"

23. "When they talk about squad goals, this is what they’re talking about."

24. "I think we’re ready for a ‘Clueless’ reboot."

For their OOTD and makeup pics:

25. "All I have to say is [hands up emoji]!"

26. "OMG where did you get that lipstick?"

27. "One word: stunning."

28. "You are my queen."

29. "Watch out, world!"

30. "Can we go shopping sometime soon? I need you to pick out my outfits."

31. "You should be a beauty blogger."

32. "Um, excuse me. [heart eye emoji]."

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