£3 ‘life changing’ product ‘keeps you fresh all day’ even in ‘extreme heat’

£3 ‘life changing’ product ‘keeps you fresh all day’ even in ‘extreme heat’


Whether it’s hot temperatures, long work days or simply everyday life causing perspiration, feeling fresh all day doesn’t always happen naturally.

Mitchum’s deodorant comes in a stick form, and provides 48-hour freshness, battling heavy perspiration and odour.

Amazon has become a one-stop shop for all things beauty and hygiene, and it’s ideal for last minute product top-ups.

Shoppers have found a product that helps them battle sweat to look, feel and smell fresh all day.

The Mitchum Women Triple Odor Defense 48HR Protection Deodorant Stick is £3.12 and is highly rated for scent, freshness and longevity.

Buy: Mitchum Women Triple Odor Defense 48HR Protection Deodorant Stick (£3.12)

While roll-on and spray deodorants are popular, stick deodorants can be gentler on skin, avoiding irritation, specially for sensitive skin.

Mitchum’s deodorant offers 48-hour protection against odour and wetness, specifically formulated to target heavy perspiration.

The product comes in a light and fresh scent or unscented, and applies smoothly and quickly, but may need a few minutes to dry before getting dressed.

Some reviews mention that the packaging of the product is not the best, and leads to wasted product which can mean it doesn’t last as long as it should.

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Shoppers have been leaving feedback on the deodorant, with some calling it ‘amazing’.

George David said: ”Best deodorant ever. I can go the gym in the middle of summer and absolutely sweat my tits off without smelling even the tiniest bit funky… it’s life changing! I’ve used this yellow one and the pink powder fresh one and both are amazing.”

Liz Payne commented: ”This is a great product, it keeps you feel clean, dry and your under arms smooth. You can use this product with confidence and no worries. It makes you feel fresh all day and night. Would genuinely recommend it and will ordering more.”

Amazon Customer said: ”The go to deodorant! Great value and great protection even in the extreme heat! Fresh all day!”

Dean Winchester also added: ”Lovely smelling product does the job. As others have pointed out, the product once dispensed to the top leaves a lot in the bottom of the container therefore wastage that could be avoided? Otherwise would recommend if you want an effective product.”

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