16 on-the-go snacks that taste great and actually boost weight loss | The Sun

16 on-the-go snacks that taste great and actually boost weight loss | The Sun


SNACKING often gets a bad rep. Some say it can encourage weight gain or trigger more cravings, while others may say it has a negative impact on the gut. 

But, multiple studies have shown that snacking could in fact support weight loss.

Ultimately, losing weight boils down to calories in vs calories out, but if one of these healthier snacks stops you reaching for food that’s laden with saturated fat and limited nutrients, then it can only be a good thing.

Tuck into one of these, all tried and tested by us…

1. For the clean and lean

Pret Egg & Spinach Protein Pot, £2.55

Great for al-desko, these two free range boiled eggs laid over a handful of spinach provide 12g of protein along with the many vitamins and minerals found in eggs such as vitamin B12, needed for the function of brain cells, and the mineral choline, needed for memory, muscle control and mood. 

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Plus, this pot contains just 103 calories.

2. For after exercise

Brooklea Protein Salted Caramel Yoghurt, 79p, Aldi 

A mighty 25g of protein is packed into this extremely delicious yoghurt. 

Need a fast snack post-workout? This is it. Add chopped fruit for an extra healthy bonus. 

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Starbucks Egg Bites with Red Pepper and Spinach, £3.30Credit: Supplied

3. For something hot

Starbucks Egg Bites with Red Pepper and Spinach, £3.30

A warming snack that contains just 145 calories, these egg bites contain the goodness of eggs blended with sweet pepper and vitamin-packed spinach. 

There’s also a sprinkle of cheese in here, so despite the low calorie count, these do taste a little indulgent. 

4. For quick vitamins

Greggs Melon and Grape Fruit Pot, £1.45, Greggs

Snack on something light that will tide you over till your next meal and help curb a sweet tooth. 

Although you might be inclined to pick up a sausage roll at Greggs, this won’t do your waistline many favours. 

Instead, melon and grapes contain vitamins (such as immune-system boosting vitamin C) and antioxidants needed for good health, plus minimal calories. 

5. For a taste of India 

Gudness pots, £1.60, Coop

Award-winning snacks that aren’t crammed with calories, these filling pots are inspired by India. 

Poha is our favourite flavour; a savoury rice flakes snack that contains a perfect combination of spice, tang and crunch. 

Add hot water and this is ready to eat in five minutes. 

6. For protein chocolate 

Warrior Crunch High Protein Bar Salted Caramel bars, £1.75, Asda

Don’t feel guilty biting into one of these low carb snacks.

Despite each bar containing layers of caramel wrapped in chocolate, they contain less than 3g of sugar, more than 20g of satiating protein and just 2.3g of carbs to help balance blood sugar levels.

Although they do contain more calories than some regular chocolate bars, they’re so satisfying you’ll likely not want to keep munching. 

These are ideal after a workout, or when a ferocious sweet tooth kicks in.

7. For a fibre boost 

Fibre One Lemon Drizzle Squares, £2.60 for 5, Sainsbury’s 

At just 90 calories per square, these are ideal for cake lovers. 

Plus, each square packs in 5.5g of fibre, an essential nutrient that many of us are lacking in. 

Fibre has been shown to help support digestion, help maintain a healthy weight and lower the risk of cardiovascular disease.

We love the lemon drizzle flavour but the ‘birthday cake’ flavour was a close second.

8. For prebiotic goodness

Bio & Me Gut-Loving Porridge Pots, £1, Ocado

For a warming snack or an on-the-go breakfast, enjoy a 100 percent plant-based porridge pot that’s filled with fibre and prebiotic goodness. 

To help maintain a healthy gut, prebiotic foods are essential as they feed the good bacteria in our tummy. 

Why do we need a healthy gut? Not only does it aid a smooth digestion, but studies have found it helps improve our mood, aids weight loss and even lowers the impact of stress. 

Each of these portable pots contains 13 fruits, vegetables, wholegrains, nuts, seeds and spices, all carefully chosen to give the microbiome in your gut the diversity it loves to help it thrive.

We’re fans of the apple and cinnamon flavour. 

9. For faux meaty crisps 

Hippeas ft. THIS Isn’t Smoky Bacon Chickpea Puffs, £1, Waitrose

Forget your usual bag of crisps, these Hippeas crisps are made from chickpeas, a legume which packs in fibre. 

Plus, each bag contains an impressive 3.7g of plant protein and a tiny 87 calories. 

Despite the naughty smoky bacon flavour, these are a healthy alternative to generic crisps thanks to their fibre and protein content, both of which can help keep you full. 

They’re like Wotsits, but healthier.

10. For good for you chocolate 

Ohso Chocolate with Gut Friendly Bacteria, £4.08 for pack of 7, Ocado

These mini bars are filled with over a billion gut friendly bacteria, to support a healthy gut.

Each bar contains only natural sweeteners, nothing artificial and just 64 calories. 

Mini but mighty best describes this chocolate. 

11. For a protein-packed pudding

Nomadic Protein Puddings, £1.89, Morrisons 

If you’re a fan of Angel Delight, you’ll like this protein-packed pot which is slightly thicker yet seriously filling. 

Each 200g pot contains 20g of protein, is low in fat and contains no added sugar – so it ticks all the right boxes for anyone who can’t say no to dessert, but wants to stay on the straight and narrow when it comes to their diet.

12. For grazing 

The Protein Ball Co. Lemon & Pistachio, £1.99 for 6 ball, Morrisons 

Pop a pack of these in your bag for when you fancy something to nibble on. 

Each pack of six balls is 100 percent natural, less than 200 calories, high in plant protein and fibre and contain added vitamins. 

Vitamin B12, vitamin C and vitamin D3 give an extra health boost.

13. For a healthier cracker

Nairn’s Multigrain Oatcakes, £2.09, Asda

In case you needed reminding of the many benefits that can be found in oats, these tiny grains contain fibre and beta glucan, proven to be helpful in lowering cholesterol and blood glucose, and lowering the risk of diabetes. 

These Nairn oatcakes actually contain several grains including oats, rye, quinoa flakes and amaranth. 

The result? A nutty, toasted flavour. Plus, each oatcake contains just 37 calories. 

Top with cream cheese or guacamole for extra flavour. 

14. For a light breakfast 

Harvest Morn Protein Oats chocolate, 69p, Aldi

Whether you fancy a small breakfast or an oat-filled snack, this choccy oat pot contains the goodness of oats with the tastiness of chocolate. 

15. For anti allergens 

Creative Nature Salted Caramel bar, £1, Asda

If allergens are a worry, then Creative Nature has got you covered.

They create bars that are free from the top 14 allergens including celery, eggs and peanuts.

Plus, they’re lower in sugar than many other ‘healthy’ bars and contain a fair bit of protein too. 

Oh and they taste naughty. 

16. For the good fats 

Coop Katsu Nut Mix, 95p

High in fat yes, but nuts contain the type of fat we want in our diets AKA unsaturated fat. 

And nuts contain gut-friendly fibre. 

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